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  • With the exception of one or two vehicles most Grooms cars are Sports Cars and by their very nature are really designed for two occupants sitting in the front, in addition two children or short slim adults can travel in the back in some cars, this is why we consider these vehicles to be more suitable for the Groom and Best Man rather than the Bride and Groom. We usually carry the Groom in the front next to the Chauffeur with the Best Man travelling in the seat behind, the exceptions to this are two seatersports cars which will only take one passenger at a time. We assume this will be the Groom and to ensure proper enjoyment of these superb sports vehicles the driver will take him on a high speed ride [if possible and within legal limits] on the way to the church subject to the time available.  The Best Man could be taken to the church ahead of the Groom or afterwards, depending on the time the Groom needs to arrive, but again this would need to be subject to the overall mileage and the time involved.

    As the Groom will be leaving the ceremony for the reception with his Bride in the main bridal car the Groom’s transport is normally only required from home to ceremony venue [A to B] therefore the pricing for these cars are based on a one way A to B trip only, this also applies if the ceremony and reception are at the same venue. For Groom’s car travel the price quoted normally assumes the time ‘In Attendance’ to be one hour for weddings local to the collection address, or if not a local wedding the time it takes to travel between the Groom’s collection address and the ceremony venue, this will also include a short wait for photographs with the car on the Groom’s arrival, the Best Man and Ushers also usually like to be included in these arrival photographs.  As the Groom’s car will not be used for an onward trip after the ceremony it will return to base once the Groom has entered the ceremony venue. The Groom’s cars are not usually required to remain after the Groom has entered the ceremony venue as their duty will have ended and the next important vehicle to arrive and to gain the attention will be the Bride herself in her bridal car.  As mentioned above, although it is not usual for the Groom’s car to wait until after the ceremony, if you did require it to stay this would not be a problem but additional waiting charges may then apply.  We will be happy to quote for your individual itinerary.

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