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82: What to consider when hiring a vintage Bus or Coach

Buses and Coaches are ideal if you wish to transport all of your guests together, thereby eliminating possible issues with many individual cars arriving at the venue and needing to park, it is also a nice way for all your guests to socialise and of course it allows those that wish to enjoy the celebration with a glass of champagne or two without the worry of driving.

If you’re planning to hire a vintage bus or coach for your wedding party here are a few tips on wedding bus hire to keep in mind. You may also want to take a look at our Blog on   Hiring a Vintage Bus for your Wedding

1 – Number of Passengers

Check how many of your wedding guests will need transport. Vintage buses can carry a varying number of passengers dependent on the make and configuration of the seating, for example a single decker bus or coach can carry around 29 passengers whereas a larger Double Deck Routemaster London Red Bus may have around 72 seats. The number of passengers each particular bus can hold is shown on our website under the “Features” section.

2 – Babies & Children

Each Child and Infant would need to occupy a seat on the bus. There is usually no room for pushchairs and/or prams. Vintage Buses are not fitted with seat belts and are exempt from child’s booster seats as there are no fixing points or belts to hold them in place.

3 –Access to Venue & Parking

Some venues cannot be accessed by double decker buses due to the height of the bus, and therefore susceptible to Trees, Overhanging Branches, Power Lines, Narrow Roads, Sharp Turnings, etc … Ensure you provide the correct location at the time of enquiry so we can check access.  If the venue is unknown a route check will need to be carried out.  Ensure adequate parking is reserved outside the premises for the bus to pick up and drop off passengers and remain while waiting. Speak to your venue as they may be able to cordon off a larger space for the bus, about three car lengths are an average for a bus space as they will need to manoeuvre in and out, and without power steering.

4 – How far in advance should I book my wedding bus?

As soon as possible – They are very popular as they offer an iconic mode of transport and there are not many of them available at 'popular' times of the year.  

5 – Hire time / Speed of Bus

Older generation buses would generally not exceed 30-40mph. To help and give you an idea of bus travelling times we suggest adding 50% to the travel time that Google Maps calculate it will take. You will also need to allow plenty of time for your many guests to embark and disembark from the bus at each end.

6 – People with Limited Mobility

Access to the entry platform can be a little high for some so bear this in mind, although help can be given. There is generally no room for Wheelchairs to be stowed and transported on the buses as they are not equipped with a luggage compartment.

7 – Food and Drink while on the Bus

Food and Drink is usually allowed on the buses, but some restrictions may apply such as plastic glassware, no breakable glass bottles, non-greasy food, etc … If you are planning on bringing and consuming Food and/or Drink on the bus please let us know in advance so we can check with the driver/supplier.  It is possible some additional cost may apply if requiring food and refreshments for onboard use.

8 – Evening Return

Unfortunately, due to their limited and aged lighting systems vintage and classic buses do not operate at night.

9 – Winter / Cold Weather Bookings

Ensure guests have access to warm clothing if needed as the heaters in the older vintage buses come from an era where they are not the most practical. It may also be a little cooler by the rear open platform area as these buses do not have doors that close.  Remember to clarify with your guests those that may be unable to climb the stairs as they will need to be accommodated on the lower deck so you will need to ensure there are sufficient lower deck seats available for them.

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