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25: Do we need to inform you if we have children requiring child seats or booster seats?

Yes you do need to advise us. A law came into force in the UK on 18th September 2006 for the protection of children that makes it compulsory for every child under 12 years of age to sit in a baby seat, a child seat, on a booster seat or on a booster cushion.

Unlike taxis, wedding cars are NOT exempt from this new legislation. Regretfully this new law means all wedding car companies must make fundamental changes to the way they provide their services to young persons. Vehicle drivers are legally responsible for ensuring children under 14 years of age are properly restrained in the car.  As part of our terms and conditions you must advise us when completing the reservation form if any child using our vehicles will be under 14 at the time of travel by giving the actual ages children will be on the travel date.

Our policy on the transportation of children is as follows: The client must ensure they are fully aware of the current UK Law with regard to the carriage of children in hired vehicles.  Children under 12 years or under 4ft 5in tall may only be carried when the correct ‘Child Restraint’ as required by law is used. ‘Child Restraint’ is the collective term in the seat belt legislation for, baby seats, child seats, booster seats and booster cushions. ‘Child Restraints’ can only be used in vehicles that have fitted seatbelts.  Babies must travel in rear-facing car seats until they are at least 15 months old.  This new law regretfully means children up to the age of three requiring Baby Seats and Child Seats can no longer be carried in wedding vehicles that do not have seatbelts fitted.  As most Classic and Vintage wedding cars are legally exempt from having seat belts fitted because of their historical age, and as Baby Seats and Child Seats need to be strapped to the seat they are not permitted in these cars. However the law does allow children of 3 years and above to travel in the back seats of these Classic & Vintage Cars without using ‘Child Restraints’. Modern Cars are equipped with seatbelts therefore children can be carried in these cars only if the correct ‘Child Restraint’ is used.

The client and/or parents and/or guardians will be responsible for providing the correct type of ‘Child Restraint’ for each child travelling. As the ultimate responsibility for child safety lies with the driver of the vehicle they will be unable to transport any child in a vehicle that has seat belts fitted if the appropriate ‘Child Restraint’ has not been provided. As scuffing and indentation marks can be caused to expensive leather seating, some of our newest modern wedding cars may not be available for those requiring ‘Child Restraints’. Every car page in the Transport section has an information box and most show the maximum passenger seats available and details of seat belt fitments in that vehicle, however if in doubt please ask.

We understand this new law means changes may need to be made to travel plans but as a professional company we must adhere to the law and our priority must be for the comfort and safety of all our passengers. We have based the information given as a guide and on our understanding of this law however laws are often amended or changed so it is the clients responsibility to ensure they are familiar with the current UK law and the following website has full information on this legislation plus pictures of the different types of child restraint which if you are in any doubt we suggest you view.   Premier Carriage, it’s directors and employees and the vehicle owners require all clients to be familiar with the law where child safety is concerned, it is the clients responsibility to ensure they do not permit any child in their party to travel in a vehicle where the law states they may not because of age and height restrictions without the appropriate restraint.  At least one adult member of the wedding party [18+] known to the child and designated by their parents or guardians must travel in the car when children under 16 are travelling.  The driver has the ultimate responsibility and therefore the final say if there are any doubts as to the child restraint provided by the client.

Please note that in some top of the range super luxury cars child seats or booster seats of any type are not permitted as these cars have heated and cooled filaments and massaging facilities just under the fine leather seat tops and therefore these strap in seats with hard backs and bases could damage the filaments, for these particular cars all passengers need to be over 14 years or over and able to use the seats as normal, without boosters.

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