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61: Do you allow smoking or vaping in the cars?

Regretfully not, UK law does not permit smoking when in the workplace and as the car is the workplace of the chauffeurs we must abide by this law. We also do not allow vaping in the vehicles. 

In addition we need to consider all of the passengers that will use our vehicles in the future, both those that smoke and those that do not and therefore in order to maintain the freshest environment for all and for the protection of the vehicle interiors we do not permit smoking when inside the cars. 

However we do understand and appreciate the needs of all of our clients and for those that do not relish the thought of a long journey without being able to smoke or vape then please do not hesitate to ask your chauffeurs for a quick rest stop, they will be more than happy to find somewhere suitable to pull over so you may calm those wedding day nerves, stretch your legs and smoke (or vape) outside the car.  We thank you for your kind understanding.

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