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67: Is your Website Copyright Protected?

Yes our Website is Copyright Protected –  All text and photographs shown on this website are the exclusive intellectual and copyrighted property of ‘Premier Carriage Wedding Cars Ltd’ and that of it’s Managing Director unless advised otherwise. We will consider immediate legal action against any company or individual who copies [steals] any part of this website to benefit their own business or purpose unless express permission has first be given in writing and signed by the Managing Director of Premier Carriage.

We should of course be very flattered to think that our own work is worth copying or even slightly amending however it has taken many years of hard work to build Premier Carriage and that of it’s reputation and we will have no hesitation in taking action against any company or individual that infringes [steals] our copyrighted material in order to portray or pass off as their own work in order to add credence to their own website. We will naturally have lodged with our legal advisors documented and dated evidence of any infringement that has taken place so regardless of whether this is subsequently removed from websites or other advertising mediums we will still have a dated record on file, we will also inform Trading Standards of the infringement [theft]. This website has ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ and they can be found by clicking on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link below.  Taking our content and attempting to amend blocks of text with a changed or added word or a re-positioned sentence in a block of text could be construed by the courts as an attempt to cover up the infringement [theft].

Premier Carriage does not run down other companies as we have no need to, neither do we take other companies website content so alarm bells should ring if you find another company with the same wordings as ours either as content in their main website pages or their Terms and Conditions, it means they have stolen our content and are not acting honourably and you may wish to give serious consideration about hiring any vehicles from such a company, we are proud to have built our company and our website using our own initiative and our vast experience in the wedding industry.

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