Terms & Conditions of Vehicle Hire

These are the Terms agreed between
The Client and Vehicle Supplier


You, Your, The Client, Clients, The Hirer, The Hirers

Refer to the person/s making the booking who enter into a contract direct with the supplier/s of the chosen vehicle/s.

Vehicle Supplier, Supplier/s

Refer to the suppliers of the vehicles, either Private Independent Owners or established Wedding Transport Companies who enter into a contract with the client and act as principal to provide their vehicle/s and service on the hire date and who operate under their own personal or business name as a totally independent company from Premier Carriage.

Premier Carriage, We, Us, Our

Refer to Premier Carriage Wedding Cars Ltd its directors and/or employees. Providing an online advertising portal for the top UK Wedding Car and Wedding Transport Companies, Private Independent Vehicle Owners, Bus and Coach Companies. Producing detailed itineraries and managing administration services as an agent at the request of the vehicle suppliers.

1. Quotes & Payments


Quotes are valid for up to 6 weeks but will remain adjustable if the number of trips or hours required differ from those of the original enquiry to those required at the booking stage. In the unlikely event a quote has been incorrectly calculated due to human error and a booking has been made this may be corrected as long as Premier Carriage has sent notification of the error to the client within 14 days of making their booking, the client may then either accept the corrected quote or cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of all monies paid.

1.2 Deposit Payment

The initial deposit payment ensures the booked vehicle/s have been reserved for the client, removed from availability to others and the administration and/or other outlay in relation to that particular booking starts. The booking is not confirmed until receipt of initial deposit. View T&C’s 4.1 for deposit refund in case of cancellation.

1.3 Balance Payment

This final balance payment is due 42 days prior to the booked wedding date unless the client has agreed beforehand an extended final due date in writing from Premier Carriage. If payment is not received on or before that date the vehicle/s will automatically be deemed as cancelled and all monies paid will be forfeited and the vehicle supplier reserves the right to pursuit the outstanding balance via their dedicated collection agency. Vehicles will not be provided unless the full balance has been received. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the balance is paid on time. Read FAQ 35 on how to make payments and type of payments accepted. View T&C’s 4.1 for balance refund in case of cancellation

1.4 Full Payment

Any bookings made within 42 days of the booked wedding date will require a Full Payment. The vehicle will not be confirmed as booked until receipt of full payment.

1.5 Payment Processing & Refunds

The Vehicle Supplier has authorised the Premier Carriage website payment facility to collect payment on their behalf via a third-party card processing system. As Premier Carriage does not act as principal or sub-contract vehicles, any such payments made by the client via the secure online payment facility become the entitlement and property of the contracted vehicle supplier, the client fully understands and agrees their payment/s are in transit and as such authorises Premier Carriage to transfer their payment/s to the account of the vehicle supplier the client has booked. Payment Processing fees are paid by the Vehicle Supplier, not the Client.

2. Itinerary Confirmation & Changes

2.1 Itinerary Confirmation

It is the client’s responsibility to check their itinerary to ensure it details their full and correct requirements, as anything not listed may not be delivered.

2.2 Changes to Itinerary

Changes to the itinerary such as Changes to timings, Addresses, Additional Trips or a Photo Stop-Off meaning an extension to the hire may be required must be made in writing originating from the email address we have on file. For the client’s own protection, changes cannot be accepted over the phone and/or other Messaging Services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc… An updated Itinerary will be sent to confirm acceptance of the changes. Clients must not automatically assume their changes have been received as emails and letters can go astray so the client must always assume their changes have not been received until they receive an updated itinerary showing the requested changes. Any additional hire cost following changes to the itinerary will be communicated to client prior to updating the itinerary. Changes by the Client not acceptable to the Vehicle Supplier will be deemed as a Cancellation. View T&C’s 4.3 Cancellation and Refunds due to unacceptable changes. For advice and help on Itinerary Changes, Timings and examples of additional costs that may occur as a result of a change, view FAQ 54 .

2.3 Change of Booked Vehicles

If you wish to change your originally booked vehicle meaning the original vehicle is no longer required it will be deemed as a cancellation. View T&C’s 4.1 on Cancellation and Refunds.

2.4 Route Access & Passes

Clients must advise at the time of booking of any concerns about access to any particular venue and if any part of their journey is not over a normal standard road surface, for example an unmade up road, narrow driveways, sharp turns, track or narrow lane with growth protruding into the pathway of vehicles, or through fords, streams, overhanging trees & cables, higher than normal raised speed humps etc.. as prior assessment of suitability for the vehicle/s may be required, in all cases your driver reserves the right on the day not to take vehicles along unsuitable road surfaces if damage to the vehicles bodywork or its underside could be caused.

Clients accept the drivers will do their best to reach all points in the itinerary as closely as possible but some unexpected road diversions or obstructions such as vehicles parked either side of the road may force the driver to abandon the remainder of the planned route in which case it is agreed that the driver will take the vehicle to the nearest readily accessible point for passengers to be collected or disembarked. The Vehicle Supplier & Driver cannot be held responsible for delays resulting from unexpected diversions and obstructions.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any permissions, permits or passes required have been obtained and provided to the vehicle supplier in order to enter private areas, sensitive military areas, private parking or private roads and to remain thereon. Any driver’s ID checks must be communicated in advance.

2.5 Extending Hire Time on the Day

Extending the hire beyond that shown on your itinerary is unable to be guaranteed if requested on the actual day. Any agreed extension to timings made on the day with the driver must be paid in cash. Without a cash payment being made on the day prior to extending the hire time the contract will be deemed as fully completed and ended at the original time currently paid up to and shown on the clients itinerary and the client agrees to this. Extension costs are shown on your Itinerary. Read FAQ 2 for more help and advice on hire extension.

2.6 Delay to Arrival at Collection Address

In the event a vehicle is en-route to a collection address and encounters a problem which could result in a delay to the scheduled arrival at the collection address the driver must immediately contact the client to inform them of the approximate arrival time (mobile signal permitting and mobile driving laws obeyed). View FAQ 15 for advice on delays and Back-Up plans.

2.7 Vehicle Departure at End of Hire

The end of hire occurs when the vehicle and its occupants have arrived safely at the final destination address with no further trips planned and the vehicle has reached the hire end time shown on the itinerary. The vehicle/s duty will then be considered completed and therefore it will be free to depart back to base. However, if the end of hire time is not yet reached and if no further requirement is required of the vehicle and therefore it is feasible it could depart earlier the Driver will not leave the final address prior to its end of hire time shown on the itinerary unless permission is given by either the Hirer, Bride/Groom/Best Man or Bride’s parent/s.

2.8 Itinerary Re-Confirmation

As a sensible precaution and as itineraries are frequently amended the client must as part of these terms and conditions make direct verbal contact with the vehicle supplier contracted to carry out their itinerary to run over the whole itinerary two or three weeks prior to the wedding day but not later than 14 days prior to the wedding day then should any problems come to light they can be rectified before they occur. This is really very important in fact more so than any other advice so Please be Aware! – Not doing this could create unnecessary and avoidable problems on your special day . Read FAQ 15 and FAQ 71 for advice on how to prevent an unwanted situation happening on the wedding day itself.

2.9 Change of Wedding Date

Changing a wedding date after a booking has been confirmed is deemed as a cancellation unless the supplier agrees to postponing the date and the originally booked vehicle is available on the new date. See T&C 4.1 Cancellation by Client or T&C 4.4 Cancelling or Postponing due to “Force Majeure”.

3. Passengers Safety, Vehicles’ Specifications & Damages

3.1 Seat Belts

Seat Belts must be worn where fitted. Some vehicles are not fitted with seatbelts due to their classic and vintage age exemption. Clients must take into consideration this safety aspect prior to booking such vehicles, each vehicle page on the Premier Carriage Advertising Portal advises if the vehicle has seatbelts fitted. UK law requires all persons to wear seat belts in vehicles where fitted unless you have been given a “Certificate of Exemption from Compulsory Seat Belt Wearing”. Copy of Certificate must be forwarded to the vehicle supplier prior to your booked date. More information on Seat Belts Exemption can be found on Government Website.

3.2 Child Seat Belts, Car Seats & Safety

The client must advise on the reservation form if a child using any vehicle will be under 14 years of age on the proposed travel date stating their age at the date of travel. At least one adult member 18yrs + of the wedding party must accompany children when travelling.

Children under 3 years old : Clients/Parents/Guardians must provide the correct child car seat for their children. There is no exemption for children aged under 3 years old.

Children aged 3 years and above, until they are EITHER 12 years old OR 135 cm tall : Children MUST use the correct restraint, where seat belts are fitted. Children aged 3 years and above can travel unrestrained in the rear of a vehicle that does not have seat belts (only applies to vehicles that were originally manufactured without seat belts).

Wedding Vehicles are NOT considered as Licenced Taxis so Clients/Parents/Guardians/Vehicle Supplier/Drivers must be familiar with the Seat Belt Law. Visit the Child Car Seat Government Website for more information and latest changes. Child seating and safety requirements required by law can be amended and/or changed at any time. The driver has the ultimate responsibility and final say as to whether a child travels in their vehicle if there are any doubts as to the restraint the client has provided.

3.3 Vehicle Seating Capacity & Space

Vehicles are not allowed by law to carry more persons than the vehicle manufacturer’s seating capacity. Maximum seating capacities are shown on each vehicle page on Premier Carriage’s Advertising Portal. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure seating arrangements are correct for their needs also passenger’s comfort and style of clothing must be taken into consideration, especially classic and vintage vehicles as they come from an era when vehicles were smaller and passengers tended to be of slighter build than the current day.

3.4 Smoking, Food & Drinks in Vehicles

Smoking is not allowed in any vehicle, this includes electronic type smoking devices. Food items & Drinks must not be consumed inside the vehicle/s unless prior authorisation has been given, in writing.

3.5 Weather Related Safety

In event of very severe weather causing hazardous driving conditions for example snow, thick fog, ice or flood the vehicle suppliers, should they consider driver and passenger safety could be put at risk, reserve the right to either cancel the booking or if available replace the vehicle booked to one better equipped to cope with such extreme driving conditions, it is solely the vehicle supplier and/or driver who will make this decision and will base their decision from handling experience of the particular vehicle/s booked and weather/road condition reports from the media and/or motoring organisations and will advise the client directly at the earliest opportunity of the situation. View T&C’s 4.5 on Weather Related Cancellations & Refunds

3.6 Phone Contact with Drivers

UK law states hand held mobile phones are illegal to use when driving, even hands free could be distracting, therefore should a client wish to make urgent contact with their driver on the day the client must understand their driver may not be able to answer the phone if driving, but will attempt to respond to messages left after they have stopped and it is safe and legal to do so.

3.7 Night-time Driving

Wedding Ribbons can cause visibility problems obstructing the view of the road when driving after dark. Therefore, regardless if a client has requested ribbons, the driver alone will make the decision whether to drive their vehicle with ribbons across the windscreen during darkness hours taking into consideration passengers’ safety and the route to be used.

3.8 Contents

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they collect their luggage & personal items when leaving the vehicle/s. Vehicle supplier/s do not accept liability for items left in vehicles or the responsibility for forwarding on such items.

3.9 Clothing Damage

It is the responsibility of the wearer to ensure their clothing avoids close proximity or contact with car areas that naturally could produce dirt or grease such as the tyres, exhaust pipes, door shuts/hinges etc. Vehicle suppliers will not be held liable for soiled or damaged clothing. If champagne or another type of drink is served or provided the vehicle supplier and/or driver will not be held liable for damage to clothing or injury to persons caused by spillage, airborne corks or glass breakage, howsoever caused.

3.10 Conduct

The Driver retains the right to refuse to convey any passenger who in their opinion appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other substance and whose condition may put the driver, the vehicle or other passengers at risk. Abusive or offensive behaviour towards the driver is not acceptable, in such situations the driver reserves the right to terminate the hire and vehicle suppliers reserve the right not to make refunds.

3.11 Vehicle’s Damage

The client is responsible for any damage to the vehicle exterior and interior during the hire caused by their own, the bridal party or their guest’s actions or inaction unless loss or damage was directly caused by the vehicle supplier and/or drivers. Damage also includes, but is not limited to, that caused by clothing studs, zips or sequins, handbags, cameras, diamond rings, military swords etc. In event of passenger illness in the vehicle the cost of a valet and any time out of service may be charged.

4. Cancellation and Refunds

4.1 Cancellation by Client

The hirer reserves the right to cancel their booking at any time. Booking cancellations must be made in writing by email to the vehicle supplier, and Premier Carriage. The initial standard deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Any amount paid over and above the standard reservation deposit for the vehicle hire is fully refundable if written cancellation is received 43 days or more before the booked date, however if cancellation is advised 42 days or less prior to the booked date then full payment will be due to the vehicle supplier.

Clients must not automatically assume their cancellation have been received as emails and letters can go astray so the client must always assume their cancellation has not been received until they themselves receive written confirmation of the cancellation as this is their only proof of cancellation.

4.2 Part Cancellation

If clients cancel a vehicle it will be deemed a cancellation of the whole existing contract except where this contained more than one vehicle, in which case an amended contract would be raised for the remaining vehicle/s. If a discount was originally given for booking more than one vehicle it will no longer apply and the amended contract will show the remaining vehicle/s re-quoted at the current standard price. Although the deposit for the cancelled vehicle would be lost there would be no loss of deposit for the remaining vehicle/s.

4.3 Cancellation due to un-acceptable changes to Itinerary

The vehicle supplier will not be required to return the initial deposit, and this will be forfeited by the client. Any amount paid over and above the standard reservation deposit for the vehicle hire is fully refundable if the change of itinerary is made 43 days or more before the booked date, however if the change is advised 42 days or less prior to the booked date then full payment will be due to the vehicle supplier. Un-acceptable changes could include, vastly increased mileages, operating outside of advertised area etc..

4.4 Cancelling or Postponing due to “Force Majeure”

If the government, local authorities and/or official governing bodies issues a ban on weddings for the date the wedding is booked due to “Force Majeure” for such reason as, but not limited to, war, terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes, acts of government, plagues, pandemics or epidemics this is neither the fault of the client or the vehicle supplier. In this case, the vehicle supplier will allow for any payments made to be transferred to a different date. Any changes to the total cost of hire due to seasonal pricing and/or change of vehicle will be communicated at the time of change or a full refund will be provided less any reasonable cost previously expended by the vehicle supplier for that specific booking prior to the event cancellation being notified and not able to be recovered on future bookings. For example, administration costs expended specific to that booking prior to cancellation, specific styled ribbons purchased that are unable to be used on other weddings, route check completed to ascertain access for the vehicle being hired, these examples are not exhaustive but would be considered reasonable by the Markets & Competitions Authority [MCA]. No cancellation charges are allowed as this would be unreasonable.

4.5 Weather Related Cancellations & Refunds

If due to extreme weather a supplier needs to cancel a booking prior to carrying it out a refund will be made direct to the client by the vehicle supplier. Extreme weather is considered an unpredictable act of god outside the control of the vehicle supplier so some expenses if already expended on the client’s behalf will still need to be met. Clients wishing to protect their refund in full must consider wedding insurance that would cover a supplier’s failure to meet their contracted obligations in such circumstances. Passenger safety will always be paramount in any decision taken by the vehicle supplier and/or driver.

4.6 Cancellation by Vehicle Supplier

If for any reason a vehicle supplier is unable to provide the booked vehicle, then the vehicle supplier will contact the Client direct and offer an alternative vehicle or a full refund of all monies paid. Vehicle suppliers agree to refund the client directly, within seven days, the total amount the client originally paid via the online payment facility.

4.7 Cancellation due to Modification to the Vehicle

If the vehicle supplier makes major modifications to their vehicle and the vehicle then looks totally different, for example a change of colour or highly visible modifications, then the vehicle supplier must advise the client directly and Premier Carriage without delay. If the client is not happy with the modification, then the vehicle supplier must provide a full refund as per T&Cs 4.6 .

5. Breakdown or Unavailability of Booked Vehicle

The Section below covers breakdown and unavailability of booked vehicle/s. In all cases, the vehicle supplier is solely responsible for informing the client and to find a solution and/or make refunds. Premier Carriage will be more than happy to assist the client using its extensive portfolio and booking portal should the client require a substitute vehicle.

5.1 Vehicle unavailability due to breakdown, repairs and/or unplanned maintenance

Even the most lovingly cared for and regularly maintained vehicles may at some time in their life break down or require unscheduled maintenance. The Vehicle Supplier cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event that the vehicle reserved or in use suffers such breakdown or accident or other circumstances arise, unforeseen at the time of reservation, that prevents the booked vehicle/s from carrying out the clients’ itinerary. In such circumstances and time permitting, the vehicle supplier will immediately and directly inform the client of the situation and then take steps to safeguard the interest of the client either by offering alternative transport from those they have available or by sourcing a replacement elsewhere or offer a refund as per T&C’s 4.6 .

5.2 Breakdown on the Day and Refunds

For vehicles that experience a breakdown/failure during the actual itinerary being carried out a reimbursement will be made by the vehicle supplier and may be proportionate. The vehicle supplier will take into account any trip/s containing passengers listed in the clients itinerary that were already completed or partly carried out prior to the problem manifesting itself and the costs of a replacement vehicle if able to be provided, up to a complete refund for the problem vehicle if a replacement vehicle was unavailable and the whole itinerary was unable to be fulfilled, reimbursement or compensating claims will not exceed a full refund of the total amount the client paid for the problem vehicle and the client confirms this and agrees to make no further claims in the above described circumstances. Dependent on the circumstances of the breakdown a vehicle supplier may offer the client a ‘gesture of goodwill’.

FAQ 15 must be read by client as part of the terms and conditions of hire as it offers valuable, positive and constructive advice should a breakdown occur and explains how to avoid unnecessary stress on the day.

5.3 Last Minute Vehicle Change

If a substitute needs to be made urgently on the wedding day itself or very close to the wedding day the vehicle supplier/s will aim to provide as near a match to the original vehicle as possible. The client however should understand that some of the cars are unique especially those that are Vintage and Classic so to provide an exact match may not always be achievable especially at very short notice, the client therefore accepts this and understands the main aim at short notice is being able to provide a vehicle so as not to let the client down. Where time permits the vehicle supplier must contact the client to advise of a change of vehicle if it is obviously different to the one booked, for example a different exterior colour, seating capacity, make or model. If however the supplier and/or driver has tried but been unsuccessful in making contact then the client will retain the option not to accept the replacement on its arrival at the collection address, the vehicle will then return to base and a full refund will be made by the vehicle supplier for the original vehicle. If the client accepts the replacement vehicle either beforehand or on arrival, or it is used by passengers, it will be confirmed as acceptance of the change and no refund will be made unless the replacement vehicle is advertised at a lower price than the one originally booked in which case a refund of the difference will be made. If the replacement vehicle is advertised at a higher price the client will not be responsible for the difference unless this has been agreed with the vehicle supplier beforehand. Where two vehicles are replacing one, the client will not be responsible for any additional cost unless this has been agreed with the vehicle supplier beforehand.

5.4 Unavailability due to vehicle’s upgrade

If booking a modern vehicle the client accepts that vehicle suppliers retain the right to upgrade their vehicle/s from time to time to a newer model, if this happens the vehicle supplier will advise the client and guarantee bookings transferred to the new vehicle/s will remain at the originally quoted price, not increased. In event the exterior shade/colour of the vehicle is different from that originally booked the client may either accept this or will have the right to cancel the replacement vehicle and receive a full refund as per T&C’s 4.6 .

5.5 Unavailability for Other Reasons

If for any reason the booked vehicle becomes unavailable, the vehicle supplier must contact their Client as soon as the issue is known to resolve the situation and/or refund the Client as per T&C’s 4.6 The Vehicle Supplier must also inform Premier Carriage so help can be provided to the Client, should they require it.

6. Contractual Responsibilities

6.1 The Terms

These are the terms and conditions of vehicle hire on which the Vehicle Supplier has agreed to supply its services to the Client upon registering their vehicle/s on the Premier Carriage Advertising Portal. They are to be read in conjunction with the website’s terms of use and Privacy Policy.

6.2 The Contract Clarified

Premier Carriage Wedding Cars Ltd acts as an agent for the Vehicle Supplier, it is not the principal and does not sub-contract or hire in vehicles, or permit the service to be operated in the name of Premier Carriage, the vehicle supplier and/or their company is the principal. Premier Carriage remains simply and exclusively a marketing portal for and on behalf of many hundreds of wedding transport companies and private independent vehicle owners UK wide. Premier Carriage acting as agent has been authorised by the Vehicle Supplier to draw up a contract between the Client and the Vehicle Supplier. These are the terms on which we accept a booking for the supplier to provide your wedding transport and you, the client, enter into a contract on this basis and in acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Vehicle Hire in full. These terms also include those agreed between Client and Premier Carriage and Suppliers and Premier Carriage where specified. The client acknowledges that Premier Carriage is not a party to any contract in relation to the provision of the vehicle and services provided, or due to be provided by the vehicle supplier and will not be responsible or liable for any damages, claims, losses or complaints arising out of, or in connection with any such contract, or for any refund thereof. The contract and all liability rests completely and fully with the vehicle supplier and you will be provided with their name and full contact details. Premier Carriage also acts as a payment facilitator, an intermediary accepting payment on behalf of the supplier of the vehicle and service. The online payment facility is provided to fund the supplier of the vehicle you are hiring as such you authorise your payment be transferred to your supplier and confirm they shall become the funds of your supplier upon receipt by our online facility. If a refund becomes due this will be refunded direct by the supplier of your chosen vehicle who you authorised to receive payment. Premier Carriage provides its services to the client Free of Charge.

6.3 Validity of Terms

These terms and conditions will supersede and override all contractual terms and conditions of any other contracting party howsoever and whenever communicated. If any term or condition is found to be invalid due to any regulation or law the remainder of the terms and conditions in the agreement will not be invalid as they shall be separated from the invalid term or condition and shall therefore not impair the validity of those remaining terms and conditions. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

6.4 Complaints

Any complaint must be directed to the vehicle supplier concerned, they are solely responsible for rectifying and resolving any issues caused during their contract with the client.

6.5 Changes to the Terms

Premier Carriage reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions of vehicle hire shall be posted online immediately, Terms and Condition of Vehicle hire.

7. Reviews and Complaints

7.1 Complaints

Any complaint must be taken up direct with the specific company/vehicle supplier the client hired, they are solely responsible for rectifying and resolving any issues caused as per their contract with the client. The supplier’s full details are provided on the client’s itinerary.

Premier Carriage is not responsible for resolving complaints between client and supplier but will happily, as a courtesy and without obligation, offer guidance to the client should they request our advice and experience.

7.2 Online Reviews

Every individual vehicle page on the Premier Carriage Website has the facility to display reviews of a specific supplier. Premier Carriage will be happy to upload client reviews to the appropriate vehicle suppliers page on our website for reference by future clients.

As such clients hereby confirm that as Premier Carriage is a separate independent company not connected with the suppliers and not acting as principal in the contract they will not post or broadcast, or permit other persons to post or broadcast to any social media and/or review site malicious or defamatory comments using the name of, or about ‘Premier Carriage’ should they have cause to complain about anything that happens on the actual hire date or before with regard to the vehicle and/or service provided by the supplier/s and accept by doing so would amount to a breach of the terms of this contract. Negative reviews must only be made in the name of the specific vehicle supplier the client hired and who caused the issue of complaint. The client should only post such reviews on the social media pages of the relevant supplier hired, or they can request we upload their review to the specific website page of the vehicle hired.

8. Consumer Rights

8.1 Cooling Off

The consumer rights act does not provide a cooling off period for vehicle rental services booked online, however as a professional company Premier Carriage believes time should be given for the client to exercise due diligence to satisfy themselves the supplier of the vehicle chosen is able to provide the style and quality of service the client requires, as such we will provide a 48 hour courtesy cooling off period within which time you may change your booking without charge to any other available vehicle and/or vehicle supplier on our website, but should you decide to cancel completely your deposit will be fully refunded less any reasonable administration costs already expended before cancelling. The courtesy period expires 48 hours from our receipt of your deposit, if we have not been advised you wish to change to a different vehicle and supplier within this time you will be confirming the vehicle/s initially chosen and their supplier/s are suitable for your requirements. For your protection, any notification of a change you wish to make to the initial booking within the courtesy period must be in writing/email, we will also confirm by return email any change requested.

We Offer Our Support, if Needed ! By ticking the box on the reservation form you are re-confirming you fully understand and accept the contract to provide the vehicle and service is solely between the client and the company that owns the vehicle and that ‘Premier Carriage’ does not provide or sub contract the vehicle and service on the wedding day and is therefore not responsible or liable in the ‘unlikely’ event of a problem, and that you or any member of the wedding party will not use the good name of ‘Premier Carriage’ in a way likely to cause others to assume it was ‘Premier Carriage’ at fault. Assuming the client has fully complied with the above Terms and Conditions Premier Carriage will do everything possible to help the client should they request our advice and guidance to help them resolve a situation with the vehicle owner in the unlikely event of a complaint relating to the vehicle and/or service provided on the wedding day. The aim is to achieve a conclusion both vehicle owner and client are happy with, however the client accepts Premier Carriage will be offering guidance and advice based on our experience as a courtesy in good faith and without obligation and is unable to guarantee a specific outcome.