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43: Can we use Confetti inside or outside the wedding car ?

The tradition of confetti throwing over the Bride & Groom is a part of your special day and naturally we accept that some confetti still on the Bride & Groom will probably fall off inside the car.  Confetti as you will no doubt soon find out, finds it’s way everywhere !  however all wedding car companies experience real problems with confetti especially when it becomes damp or wet as the cheap dyes used to colour the confetti can run in a relatively short time which can permanently stain the cars leather seating and carpeting especially those in light colours, causing many hundreds of pounds worth of damage of which we are unable to insure for.

On past occasions the electric window motors have seized because confetti has slid through the window seals and over time becomes a damp and sticky glue like substance, again causing very expensive damage. Who would have thought that small pieces of tissue paper so fine and so soft could cause such problems.  Before you enter the car may we kindly ask you to brush off as much confetti as is reasonably practical. We also strongly suggest before the wedding day you advise your photographer to have the confetti throwing photographs well away from the vehicle/s, reminding them again on the day if need be.

Ensuring your wedding guests do not throw confetti at or inside the car would also be appreciated.  We most respectfully advise that the client is ultimately responsible for any damage caused to the car by their guests during the hire which includes staining by confetti dyes. We really do love the confetti tradition, but not too near the cars please.  We thank you for your consideration and understanding, your help is very much appreciated.

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