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Established since 1996

We’re one of the UK's leading wedding transport sources and one of the longest in the business, we know we give excellent value while ensuring your vehicle/s obtain prominent marketing visibility under the banner of a very highly respected and long established well-known professional company, we are recommended by many leading wedding venues and as at 2022 well over 19,000 weddings have been arranged via Premier Carriage so that is a huge amount of 'word of mouth' you will also benefit from.

Our website is regularly updated and we are consistently at the top of the listings in Google. A high proportion of our vehicle owners have been with us since the beginning so hopefully we must be doing something right. By joining us you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Benefits

  • 1. Free instant inclusion to Premier Carriage's extensive advertising and market prominence.
  • 2. Your business identity maintained, weddings are carried out in your own or company name.
  • 3. You choose the area you wish to operate within, and the price you require.
  • 4. We complete all the paperwork, both client and vehicle owner receive copies.
  • 5. No need to sit by the phone all day, we do it for you with our fully manned office team.
  • 6. Have access to back up from other vehicle owners in the rare event of a problem.
  • 7. Cleared funds paid directly into your bank account prior to the wedding day.

If you have a vehicle you think would be ideal as wedding transport, whether as a business or just to help you with the running costs of your pride and joy, whether already established or just starting out in the wedding Car Hire business please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.