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28: Could you return to the reception venue later at night to collect the Bride & Groom and/or guests ?

This will depend on the area of your collection and destination and also whether you are booking any of our vehicles for the daytime ceremony, however nearly all of the Classic and Vintage cars would not be available for the late night collection of passengers due to insurance reasons, not forgetting your own safety as most of the older vehicles lighting would not be suitable for today’s modern road conditions during darkness especially in country roads and on fast motorways, however modern cars of course would not be affected. 

For reasons of safety and visibility the car would not be in wedding ribbons during darkness hours as not only would the police be concerned, but your own safety remains our No.1 priority. The evening collection would be at an additional charge and would not be included in the prices already shown on the website for daytime itineraries, a separate quote would be given on request and this will be based on the actual time of the hire and the mileage involved as everything depends on total mileage, base to base. The evening collection prices would normally reflect the time of collection so bear in mind the later you wish to be collected in the evening the higher the cost will become and if collection includes operating into the early hours of the next day then costs may increase to account for the unsocial hours, or collection may not be possible at all with some vehicles as you will appreciate Premier Carriage is a daytime wedding hire company not a 24 hour private hire company but we will help if we can within the limitations of insurance policies, UK law driver time directives and local authority licences.  

Please also note that naturally late night collections in ‘chauffeur driven’ cars will cost considerably more than that charged by taxis or mini cabs, even if the distance is short.

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