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62: What type of car should we choose for our wedding?

Leaving aside the cost of the vehicle, there are many things to consider when choosing a car so we will give you some ideas from our experience that you should take into consideration when looking for a special vehicle for a very special day.

The Distance

You should consider how far you will be travelling in the car and how long it will take to reach your destination. The longer the distance perhaps a more modern car would be better as this could cover the trip a little quicker and will be more likely to have all the modern equipment like Air Conditioning for the Summer or a Good Heater for the Winter.  Imagine travelling 40 or 50 miles taking over an hour in a Vintage car in Winter with no heater, or the same car in the Summer dressed in a beautiful wedding gown with no Air Conditioning when temperatures are in the 80’s [we do have this in the UK, sometimes !]  Wherever possible choose a car that is local to your collection address as if the weather is bad or even worse if the roads are damp the further the car has to come before reaching you means although the interior will be spotless the outside will probably not be in the same valeted condition it was when it left it’s base and there is only so much a chauffeur can do to clean the car on it’s arrival, a wipe over with a chamois can sometimes make things look worse than leaving it be.


Most Brides will choose a convertible car because of it’s looks, and rightly so, however you must also consider your hairstyle, the last thing you want is to arrive at the ceremony windswept. We find most Brides like to travel with the hood fully closed on the way to the church and then the hood down when the Bride & Groom depart the church and this will undoubtedly provide for some good pictures in the photograph album.  Consider this though, what will happen if it rains.  You will have booked a convertible and used it with the hood up all the way, so best make sure you are happy and comfortable sitting in the car with the hood up just in case !

Wet Weather

Any car you book has got to keep you dry if it rains so make sure if it is a Vintage Car that is has a fully operational hood and that side windows can be fitted to afford some protection if the worst happens. Remember Vintage cars and some older Classic cars will have no heaters at all, or heaters from the 60’s or 70’s which do not compare with heaters in the cars of today so windows will undoubtedly mist up which is all part of the mystique and glamour of the earlier days of travel.

Colour of the vehicle

Vehicle colour is a matter of personal choice, however nowadays anything goes.  Although the traditional colours of White and Ivory are still very popular Brides are now considering all colours and even Black is fast becoming the new White, indeed royalty have been using Black cars at weddings over many years. Cars come in all sorts of colours including two tone so it is possible to choose a car in the colour of your wedding theme possibly coupled with White or Ivory.  Sometimes you hear that a particular colour will help to show off the wedding gown, however any photographer worth their weight in gold knows how to get the best shots regardless of the colour of the car you choose.  So don’t be traditional if you do not want to be, it is your day and whatever you choose it will reflect your style.

We hope we have given you a little food for thought.

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