Three Classic & Vintage Wedding Cars with bride standing in the middle. All Three Vehicles have matching white ribbons


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Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars

From the iconic Rolls-Royce to the stunning Beauford and the elegant 7-seater Classic Princess Limousine, we have a wide range of Classic and Vintage wedding cars available to suit your style



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Explore the World of Classic and Vintage Wedding Car Hire

At Premier Carriage, we offer a magnificent array of classic and vintage wedding vehicles, each with its own story and charm. These vehicles do far more than just transport you. They enrich your wedding day with their historical significance and elegant presence. Below are some of the most popular categories of these stunning wedding vehicles.

Three Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars at a wedding venue with Bride and Groom standing in front of the vehicles. Each vehicles are decorated with Matching White Ribbons

Luxury Vintage and Classic Wedding Cars

In our luxury vintage and classic wedding car category, you'll find vehicles that exude elegance and grandeur. For instance, why not celebrate in style with the timeless Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith or the distinguished Bentley S3 and Mark VI? The Jaguar MK II also stands out in this category, offering a blend of classic British automotive design and luxurious comfort. These cars are perfect for couples who wish to add a refined and noble touch to their wedding.

Two Large Traditional Old Limousine Wedding Cars dressed with Wedding Ribbons in front of wedding venue

Large Vintage and Classic Wedding Vehicles

Our large vintage wedding vehicles are the ideal choice for those needing more space without sacrificing style. Popular choices include the Austin Princess Limousine and Daimler DS420 Limousine (a car still used by the royal family), with each offering a spacious interior and elegant exterior. The Asquith Mascot Wedding Bus also brings a unique and charming option for larger wedding parties, combining classic aesthetics with more modern practicalities.

White Vintage Beauford with Convertible Roof open showing Cream Leather interior

Convertible Vintage Wedding Vehicles

Our convertible wedding vehicles are perfect for couples looking for a romantic and stylish ride. The Beauford Convertible is a nationwide favourite and is known in the industry as the “fairytale” wedding car. Meanwhile, the Imperial Viscount Landaulette delivers a larger capacity and offers the elegance of 1930s styling with the benefits of modern engineering. These cars are perfect for enjoying a scenic drive during your first minutes as a married couple and delivering an unforgettable entrance.

Classic Aston Martin DB5 in Silver with Wedding Ribbons and Bride and Grom standing in front of the vehicle

Classic Sports Cars for Wedding Hire

Our vintage sports cars, like the Aston Martin DB5 and DB6 or the classic 1960s Ford Mustang, provide a thrilling and stylish ride for grooms or couples seeking a more adventurous flair. Not only will you feel like James Bond on the way to the venue, but these vehicles add a touch of excitement and awe to your arrival, perfect for making a statement on your big day.

Discover Classic Wedding Car Hire Near Me

If you’re seeking classic wedding car hire near you, you’re in the right place. Premier Carriage offers an impressive selection of old cars for weddings that are available for hire nationwide. Regardless of your wedding location, our comprehensive choice of vintage cars for wedding hire ensures you’ll find the ideal vehicle for your celebration. 

Each of the cars in our fleet represents the pinnacle of classic automotive charm, featuring beautiful vehicles that add a touch of history and exclusivity to your arrival.

To find the perfect classic wedding car in your area, simply fill out the form below with your wedding details and browse the hundreds of classic and vintage wedding vehicles we have at our disposal. 

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Select the Ideal Vintage Wedding Car for Your Wedding Celebration

Below you can find a selection of Vintage wedding cars for hire in your local area. Vehicles from that era were in various colours and styles, so choose a car that complements your wedding theme and colour scheme. Whether you prefer a traditional White, a Black Car or a more vibrant and unique colour, there are options available to suit most tastes. You can also view a list of classic wedding cars .