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77: Important Dates to Remember for Your Diary

This is the final date for Premier Carriage to receive your balance payment, the balance can be paid earlier if you wish. Ways to pay the balance are shown on the invoice sent to you after paying your deposit.

Ensure you have the itinerary Premier Carriage sent you and it shows correctly all of the details you require. Contact Premier Carriage straight away if you do not have the itinerary, or it is incorrect.

Contact the owner/s of the vehicle/s you have booked to run over the final details you require. The vehicle owners details are shown in red print on the itinerary Premier Carriage sent you. This is most important if you have made changes or provided updates since originally booking, but you should still contact the owner even if no changes have been made. Although both client and owner receive an identical copy of the itinerary, by going over the details and timings with the owner/driver before the wedding day could prevent mishaps occurring on the actual day. Ask the owner for the chauffeurs mobile number in case you need to make urgent contact on the wedding day.

Read once again Question number 15 shown on this websites FAQ section. It gives invaluable advice which we suggest is acted upon.

Ensure your mobile phone is switched on if this is the only contact number you have given for the collection address, just in case the driver needs to contact you.

Enjoy one of the happiest days of your life – Congratulations in advance !

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