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3: How can I make changes to my existing booking ?

If you need to make changes, need advice on timings, wish to add a vehicle or would like to discuss any aspect of your reservation do not hesitate to contact us at Premier Carriage, but please note that for your protection any changes to your itinerary can only be accepted in writing, we are unable to accept any changes over the telephone.  Simply reply to any of the emails you received from Premier Carriage previously so we know the changes are actually being requested by you, we will then amend your booking with your new requirements and send you an updated copy of your itinerary.  There is no charge to make changes to your booking, all changes are free.

 However, if your wedding is within 30 days, please ensure these last-minute changes are made Directly with your Booked Supplier, not Premier Carriage.  Their contact details are shown on your itinerary.  You are also advised to ensure any changes you make directly with your booked supplier are confirmed back to you in writing, as this is your only record that you have made a change.  Never accept confirmation over the phone, in writing only.

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