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53: How Many Passenger Seats in Vintage & Classic Cars ?

Vintage Wedding Car Seating

In the early days of motoring large Vintage cars were designed to be driven by a Chauffeur with the Landed Gentry and Rich & Famous travelling in grand style and large amounts of space at the expense of the poor old chauffeur who was sqeezed into a small cabin at the front, and when just two passengers are sitting on the main rear seat you can see just how pampered they were. Naturally sometimes the gentry had other people to transport in their cars so Occasional Seats were fitted that by the very nature of their name were used ‘occasionally’. These seats are folded away into the bulkhead just behind the chauffeurs compartment and are unfolded when required.  Because people in the early days of motoring tended to be much smaller and indeed lighter than they are today these seats reflected this and are much smaller than the main seats in the car and as such are not as comfortable for adults on longer journeys indeed the engines of some older vintage cars would struggle with all of the seats in the car taken up by adults we therefore advise these seats are used by children only or smaller adults. Although lighter weight adults could use these seats but any trip longer than 15 minutes may not be as comfortable as it could be and you must also consider that if the Bride is travelling in the car with all the occasional seats in use then the space will become very limited so this should be taken into consideration if the Bride is wearing a full wedding gown.  If you are in any doubt then we would always suggest you view the car to ensure there is enough space for your party to arrive refreshed, and not crushed.

Classic & Modern Wedding Car Seating

With regard to Modern and Classic cars the seating is usually bench style at the back with a single seat in the front and the seating capacity shown on each vehicles page assumes that passengers are of normal size and weight.  Cars are by law not able to carry more passengers than the manufacturers advertised seating capacity, but please remember that if the Bride is travelling and all seats are in use you must consider the Wedding Dress as we need to ensure the Bride arrives at the ceremony venue looking as immaculate as when she entered the car.  It may therefore be better even if the car will seat three passengers in the rear to avoid creasing the Brides dress it may be wiser to only seat two passengers, however different Bride’s may have their own views on this so it is for the client to decide, but generally we would not advise using all three seat spaces in the rear if the Bride is travelling in one of them.

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