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80: Can you provide a Standby Back-Up vehicle

One of the main questions we are continually asked is ‘what happens if a car breaks down on the day ?’, and naturally this is something that would be of real concern on such a special day when everything is planned down to the last minute and everything is expected to run like clockwork.   Although thankfully situations like this are very rare there have been times when a Bridal car has had problems and this effects all and every company who provide vehicles for hire, vehicles are after all simply machines and can let us down at the most inappropriate times no matter how much care and love we lavish upon them.   So the question now is ‘how do we lessen the impact’ in the unlikely’ event something should happen to a Bridal car.

In addition to the advice we provide in FAQ  Q15, which we ask you to read, we are a forward thinking company and are always trying to find solutions to problems before they occur.  Therefore, for additional Peace of Mind some clients may prefer a Standby Back-Up vehicle to ‘discreetly at a distance’ follow the Bride in her chosen car throughout the day acting as a back up car that will actually be on the spot should a problem occur with the Bridal car.  On such a special day it will provide additional peace of mind for The Bride to know that in the unlikely event of a problem the timings for the day will stay as planned, stress and worry will be avoided and another car is ready and waiting to simply transfer to, and continue on with the journey.

Naturally to do this the back up car will need to be paid for but as it is not in general use for passengers we would expect the hire costs to be much lower than if the car were actually hired as a main passenger carrying car.  To try to achieve this we are compiling a list of those owners who may be prepared to offer this service at a reduced cost but we may not be able to guarantee availability until nearer the wedding date as the owner would understandably like the car booked out at the normal full price, but if it is still available a few weeks prior to the wedding date then it is possible the price could be reduced to offer this additional back up service.

If you feel this additional Back-Up service may be of interest simply call us on 01202 822659 to register your possible interest for your wedding date.  Although we are unable to guarantee a vehicle will be available until nearer the wedding day we will try our best to find a suitable car at a price you are happy with.   Please note, the back up car can only be arranged as a back up to a vehicle booked via Premier Carriage, we are unable to provide back up cars for vehicles booked elsewhere.

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