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59: How many Wedding Cars will we need?

This will depend on three factors.  First you must consider your budget, and how much you have set aside for the transport.  Then you must consider how far apart the Collection, Ceremony & Reception addresses are from each other, and finally how many passengers you have to transport.  Unless the budget is big or you have a lot of passengers we have found that one or two cars is usually sufficient for most weddings.

First of all we suggest you decide on the Bride’s car after all this is going to be the most important vehicle, when you have chosen this wedding car and you have been given the quote you will know how much extra you have left for any other car/s.  Assuming your budget will allow for a second wedding car for the Bridesmaids you must then work out how many passengers will need to be transported in this vehicle, don’t forget that the Bride’s Mother will usually travel in this car with the Bridesmaids.  If the total passenger numbers exceed four then you will normally limit your choices of vehicle to Limousines and MPV’s as most normal sized standard cars will only carry up to four passengers and the chauffeur, therefore if your passenger numbers are four or less then you will normally have the widest choice of cars.  Also remember that children under three years can only travel in cars that have seat belts fitted which normally limits you to modern cars.

It has become perfectly acceptable to use the Bride’s car to take others to the ceremony prior to the Bride travelling and this will be the most cost effective way to transport passengers without needing a second car, however we would not recommend this unless the driving time to the church from the collection address is under 10 minutes [one way] to avoid those arriving before the Bride having a very long wait outside the church before the Bride arrives.  Also remember that as the Bridal car is only usually used for the Bride and Groom after the ceremony then those that travelled to Church prior to the Bride in her car will need alternative transport to the reception and in this case they would usually travel in other family members cars to the reception.

How many cars you will need really does depend on a lot of factors so please do not hesitate to ask us if you require help, we have a vast experience in wedding transportation and will be more than happy to guide you.

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