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81: On paying a deposit do we 'Definitely' have the car reserved for us ?

YES - 

Unlike some websites that will encourage you to pay a fast deposit online to hook you in with the purpose of stopping you from looking elsewhere, and then hours or sometimes days later when contact has actually been made with the owner of that vehicle it transpires that it’s not available on your wedding date because it’s either been booked by someone else previously, or the distance is too far for that owner, or to hook you in you were quoted a very low price that the owner will subsequently not accept, as an unsuspecting client you will then simply be informed the vehicle is not available for whatever concocted reason is given, and then you’re simply refunded your deposit.  A number of our clients have told us they had experienced this practice previously and wanted to be assured we do not do this.  We agree with them entirely, this is a most unprofessional way to treat prospective clients and not the way Premier Carriage does business.  When we accept your deposit you can be sure that we have had prior confirmation from the owner of the vehicle that it is available on your wedding date, the price and itinerary has been agreed and confirmed with that supplier and that when you ask us to book a car that vehicle is reserved for you alone for 24 hours while awaiting your deposit, on receipt of the deposit the vehicle is then confirmed as booked for you.  Our professional approach may take a little longer than an instant deposit online, but when we accept your deposit and we say it’s reserved for you, it will be !

If a similar situation happens to you the authority to report it to is  ‘Trading Standards’.

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