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46: Wedding Insurance Cover - Should we have this?

The simple answer is YES.

When you take into consideration the whole cost of a wedding and the outlay you will be making it probably makes sound sense to protect yourself and your investment should things go wrong.  No one likes to think it will, but it could !

A low cost insurance could be one of the wisest investments you make, you can then rest assured knowing that should something go wrong on or before your special day for a relatively small outlay you can have complete peace of mind, and we would certainly recommend this is considered.  Accidents, illness, health emergencies that could prevent the wedding from taking place because senior members of the bridal party are ill, or the driver providing the service on the day is ill and unable to attend, or worse.   It could happen to both clients or service providers which means weddings may need to be cancelled or postponed resulting in lost deposits and other payments, your property may be lost or damaged, you or your guests may accidentally cause damage to a suppliers property, a supplier may go into receivership with the loss of your deposits and other payments, a supplier may not turn up on your wedding day, these are all possibilities that none of us like to think about when planning a wedding but should they happen, a wedding insurance policy should pay you immediate compensation for such eventualities.  Once you have set a date for your wedding then is the time to ensure your insurance cover is in place as this will then cover you from the planning stage, [ie that start date] right up to and including the wedding day itself.

Previous Brides & Grooms advised that when looking for such policies they found many companies offered coverage for very little outlay.  A popular one was ‘Cover my Wedding’ which according to their website seems to provide good coverage for less than £20 for £5,000 of cover.

We are unable to recommend any particular company or policy and therefore do not, however we have ourselves looked at their website and have provided a convenient link below.  You should always satisfy yourself before taking out any policy that it will meet your full requirements.

Click here to check the Cover My Wedding Insurance Website 

Wedding Insurance, for a one-off small outlay it could be one of the wisest investments you make !

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