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Q1: In which area do you provide your wedding services.

We cover ALL counties in the UK including big cities. You can view all the vehicles local to your wedding by visiting our Vehicle's Page

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Q2: How many hours should we book the vehicle for ?

All Weddings are different. All quotes are tailor-made to your own requirement.  The minimum time a car can be hired is One Hour for a one-way journey, Three Hours for a Registrar/Church Wedding,  ... 

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Q3: How can I make changes to my existing booking ?

Yes, and we do not charge any admin fees to make changes. For your protection all changes need to be in writing. Changes will not be accepted by phone, text or other means.

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Q4: Can we use the Bride’s car to take Bridesmaids and others to and from the ceremony prior to the Bride?

In short, the answer is yes but we would advise that if the driving time to the ceremony venue is more than 5 to 10 minutes in each direction then additional transport might be considered more practical for your Bridesmaids. 

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Q5: Do you provide your vehicles for Civil Partnership Ceremonies?

Yes, we are pleased to provide our vehicles and chauffeur services on your special day to all of those making a life long commitment to each other. 

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Q6: Will Premier Carriage book cars out for other weddings on the same day?

Very Rarely - Premier Carriage will only book each vehicle out to one wedding per day to allow you flexibility to make time changes to your booking if required. 

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Q7: Can we view a car before we make a decision to book?

Most certainly, we want you to be sure the car chosen is right for you.

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Q8: What is the deposit amount required to reserve a vehicle?

£100 per car. Some Coaches and Buses may be slightly more. We will confirm the amount of deposit to be paid on your quote.

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Q10: Do you provide umbrellas in case it rains?

Most cars will carry at least one large size umbrella.  

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Q11: Do you provide flowers for the rear window shelf of the car?

Most vehicles will have a silk flower arrangement on the rear shelf.

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Q12: Do you provide chilled Champagne for the Bride & Groom?

This can be provided in some vehicles, but UK licensing laws need to be adhered to.

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Q14: What if the car becomes unserviceable or breaks down before the wedding day?

We hope this situation does not occur, however vehicles as we all know can break down or need unscheduled repairs despite all the care lavished upon them. If your car develops a problem before the wedding day and the owner of the vehicle thinks it will be unable to be rectified in time for your wedding they will inform you and will either offer you another of their vehicles or a replacement from those available in Premier Carriage’s extensive portfolio. If you are not happy with any of the cars offered as a replacement all monies paid for the vehicle unable to carry out the itinerary will be returned by the owner so you can source a suitable vehicle elsewhere.

Q15: Important - What if the car has not arrived by the agreed time or breaks down on the wedding day?

This FAQ 15 advises on ‘Unplanned Last Minute’ issues, FAQ 71 advises on ‘Human Error’ issues, the client must read both FAQ’s as part of the Terms and Conditions of hire.

OVERVIEW – Vehicles are machines, and as we all know could let us down at the most inopportune moment or can be held up in traffic congestion, a fact of life in today’s modern world, indeed any unexpected issue that arises at the last minute could create a problem and although vehicle owners will do their very best to rectify the situation when time permits it may not always be possible especially at short notice where timings are critical.  As your wedding day is such a very special occasion we would strongly advise that you also plan ahead and have your own back-up plan to put into action in event of ‘last minute’ problems that are unable to be rectified by the vehicle owner or driver in the time permitting, although of course it probably will never be needed it is still better to have an additional back-up plan, just in case

BREATHING SPACE – On our part at Premier Carriage we automatically build in a 15 minute safety margin into all itineraries at the start of the hire, the vehicle therefore should arrive at the collection address 15 minutes before the first planned departure. The client may extend this to a 30 minute safety margin at the start of the hire if they so wish in order to relieve possible anxiety however this may reflect on the end of hire time being slightly earlier, unless the client extends the hire time.

LATE ARRIVAL – The vehicle is planned to arrive at the collection address on schedule, however if running late due to unforeseen traffic or other problems en-route there is the comfort of a 15 minute safety margin before the planned departure.  However, in the unlikely event the car has not arrived at your collection address by the chauffeur’s arrival time shown on your itinerary do not wait the 15 minutes, time is crucial so now is the time to telephone the chauffeur and/or vehicle owner’s numbers directly, these are shown in ‘red print’ on your itinerary so have a copy at the collection address with you but please remember contact with the chauffeur on the day is by mobile phone and subject to signal reception and mobile phone driving laws. Vehicle owners/chauffeurs will have been given your contact numbers so if you have only advised of a mobile number for the collection address and not a landline, ensure the mobile is switched on and is able to receive calls. Where possible keep lines free until the car has arrived in case the chauffeur needs to contact you. 

BACK UP PLAN – Since 1996 we have gained a wealth of experience in wedding transportation so would like to offer some valuable advice, although your chauffeur/vehicle owner will have their own plans to deal with problems every situation is different and some may not be recoverable at short notice, so as timings are critical and for your own peace of mind we would advise you nominate a friend, neighbour or a wedding guest [who perhaps has a nice car] to be your rescue vehicle in the event of a ‘last minute’ problem and who will be prepared to collect you at short notice. They will need to remain contactable by phone until they know the Bride has arrived safely at the ceremony venue. The object is to get the Bride, and Bridesmaids if using the same car, to the venue as soon as possible as any delay to the start of the ceremony could have a knock-on effect throughout the day, even a local taxi company may not be able to provide a car as quickly as your nominated friend or neighbour who has been pre-notified and briefed. The best option for your rescue vehicle would be to nominate someone who is closest to your collection address as this will ensure the minimum delay to your departure and therefore the minimum delay to your arrival at the ceremony as this will be the tightest part of your schedule to maintain. 

YOUR DECISION – The vehicle owner and/or driver will do their very best to try to rectify the situation and they will base their actions on the particular circumstances on the day as every situation will be different however if it means using a replacement car this vehicle may be based some distance from where your original vehicle has encountered it’s problem or where your collection address is and therefore may take some time to arrive so you will then need to decide whether to wait for the replacement car and possibly arrive at the ceremony later than scheduled, or put your own back-up plan into action and alert your pre-notified friend/neighbour.  In the interim after the Bride is finally on her way the replacement vehicle [if available] or the original vehicle [if the problem has been rectified] can then proceed to the ceremony venue so it will be waiting for the Bride & Groom’s onward journey to the reception.  If the original car or it’s replacement has not arrived by the time the ceremony is completed we would then suggest you advise the best man to contact your own rescue vehicle and arrange for it to collect the Bride & Groom, as if the hired vehicle is not there by this time then it is probable something occurred that could not be rectified in time and/or that prevented contact being made.  As timing is not quite as crucial after the ceremony, we advise before you contact your rescue vehicle you try phoning the chauffeurs mobile number for an update of the situation as understandably the chauffeur would not have been able to call you while the ceremony was taking place, and the ability to send text messages is not always a skill mastered by all. 

CHAUFFEUR – Traffic congestion is out of everyone’s control and breakdowns thankfully are very rare, but we must not forget that vehicles are simply machines, and although a breakdown is not caused by the vehicle owner/chauffeur it is understandable in such a situation to vent frustration on the poor old chauffeur so it would be a kindly gesture to remember in the unlikely event of a breakdown your chauffeur will be just as distressed as yourself while also trying to remedy the situation for you to the best of their ability and under very tight time schedules.  

SYNOPSIS – On the positive side, 99% of weddings go exactly according to schedule so we are more than confident yours will also, but to have your own back-up plan prepared beforehand is not only a sensible precaution but will also help reduce the anxiety and stress should the unthinkable happen when there is little time to spare.   

CLIENTS MUST DO THE FOLLOWING   – as per the Terms and Conditions of Hire

Client Must Read This Website’s FAQ Section Q71, and this FAQ Q15

Client Must Phone Vehicle Owner/s Direct, 14 Days Before the Wedding Day.        

Premier Carriage is a forward thinking company and wants your day to be memorable for all the right reasons, we have provided sensible advice and have put safeguards in place based upon a wealth of experience.  We therefore STRONGLY advise you follow these important requirements above and contact the Wedding Car Company and/or Private Independent Vehicle Owner who will actually be providing the service for you on the wedding day,  you can then relax and enjoy the time remaining to your wedding knowing that both yourself and Premier Carriage have done everything possible to ensure your special day runs smoothly.

You may also wish to look at FAQ 46 with regard to ‘Wedding Insurance’ to protect your outlay.  We recommend clients consider wedding insurance for their own peace of mind.

Q16: Will our Chauffeur be wearing a uniform and cap?

Many do, others wear suits and ties. The Chauffeurs attire for each vehicle is shown on every individual vehicle description page.

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Q17: How far in advance should we book our wedding transport?

As soon as possible especially if your wedding is on a Saturday

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Q18: Do you provide wedding ribbons for the car/s?

YES - You can choose the colour of your ribbon when completing the reservation form.

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Q20: Do you offer Price Discounts and/or Best Offers ?

At Premier Carriage we believe in offering you our best price from the start and offer a "Best Rate Guarantee" as we are confident you will not find better value elsewhere. 

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Q21: What is the policy on the suitability of Groom’s Cars and their pricing?

Usually only required for a one-way trip to the ceremony hence lower cost, if a sports super-car usually only one passenger seat.

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Q22: Can you explain how the quote will be calculated?

Google Maps are displayed on every vehicle page and show that vehicles operating area within a highlighted circle, however this guide is a radius as the ‘Crow Flies’ therefore some destinations nearer to the outer edge may not be covered by the vehicle as the mileage and travel time to reach those areas may exclude that car. What is certain though is if any part of your itinerary falls outside of the circled area that particular vehicle will not be available for your wedding. Your quote will be lowest if your wedding area is near to the centre of the highlighted circle as this is the vehicles local area, the quote will steadily increase the further away from the centre that your wedding is taking place. Please also note that some Classic and Vintage vehicles will not operate in the Centre of London or further North of London even if the circle encompasses London and areas further North.


Prices shown on this website are for weddings carried out Local to the area of the postcode entered on the website. They may vary minimally when you advise of the full itinerary as quotes are based on total mileage. The map showing the ‘Vehicle Operating Area’ only shows how far the vehicle will travel from it’s base, subject to destinations nearer to the outer edge as explained above, it does not refer to prices and therefore does not infer the price shown on the website will be the same for all destinations within the highlighted circle.


We look at many factors when working out your quote, for example the number of hours you have advised you require the car for, the time of day or night you require the vehicle, and/or if the distance to your wedding area is close to the maximum operating limit of the vehicle and/or the predicted journey time to travel from the vehicles base to your wedding area is in excess of one hour in either direction we may need to include additional costs for the chauffeur whose duty day will of course be extended. We may need to use a trailer to transport some of our older vintage vehicles in which case a small additional trailer charge may need to be included in your quote, finally we need to consider any fluctuation in fuel prices since the website prices were last updated, however all of these factors will have been taken into consideration and included when you receive your quote. Mileages are calculated from ‘base to base’, this means the miles start counting when the vehicle leaves it’s base and end on it’s return to base. Remember your quote will always be lowest if your wedding area is near to the centre of the highlighted circle and highest if it is nearer to the outer edge, so this is a good point to remember if you wish to keep to a tighter budget. Vehicle/s will arrive at the initial collection address 15 minutes before the first planned departure, this is a built in safety margin and will be included in the hire time requested therefore the starting time of the hire will always be 15 minutes before the first planned departure.

Rising insurance premiums for passenger carrying vehicles, the ever changing cost of fuel and the very low miles per gallon for many wedding vehicles mean prices shown on this website may periodically need adjustment. We include prices on our website to provide clients with an idea of cost, however with so many vehicles, to amend every individual vehicle website page every time fuel or other cost contributing factors change would be impractical, and a full time job !. Therefore the local prices shown on this website although probably accurate are to be treated as a pretty good guide but could fluctuate minimally [up or down] but we do not envisage this being more than £20 in either direction. The total cost of the vehicle/s you choose including any adjustment to their website price will be given in your quote, before you book.  Should you then decide to make a reservation the quote is confirmed and will not change. Please also note the prices shown on the website are for the current year therefore a small adjustment may also have been included in your quote for weddings taking place in following years. Thank you, we appreciate your understanding.

Q23: If on the actual day we'd like an additional trip, a specific route or travel to a different destination is this OK?

If at the last minute different destination or additional trip is not too far removed from the original itinerary the Chauffeur will be as flexible and understanding as possible, but within certain limits.

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Q24: We may have an additional passenger to squeeze into the car, do we need to inform you?

Yes you do - We will always be happy to transport persons up to the legal seating limit of the car

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Q25: Do we need to inform you if we have children requiring child seats or booster seats?

Yes so we can ensure correct seating arrangement, seat belts and arrive earlier so any booster/child seats that may be required can be fitted. 

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Q27: Can you provide transport to the airport or docks for our honeymoon departure?

YES - Some of our modern vehicles have the appropriate 'private hire' insurance for this service as long as it is reserved as part of your wedding transport.

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Q28: Could you return to the reception venue later at night to collect the Bride & Groom and/or guests ?

Yes - We can organise most modern vehicles and a limited selection of classic and/or vintage vehicles

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Q30: We have never seen such a large collection of superb wedding cars, do you own all of these

We own some, others belong to individual enthusiast owners and other companies that have asked us to advertise for them.

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Q35: What forms of payment do you accept?

Bank Transfer, and all Major UK Debit and Credit Cards.

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Q37: Do you add on VAT to your advertised prices

NO - However if VAT does ever need to be added, your quote and our website prices will have this included.

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Q38: How to Contact us by Phone, Email or via our Website

These details are shown in full on the contact page of our website together with our office hours.

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Q39: How do we submit a Review or make a Complaint ?

We value feedback from client. Do not hesitate to contact us if required. 

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Q40: Is it normal for the Bride to arrive 'late' at the ceremony?

Some may think so, although it's usually not appreciated by the vicar or the registrar. Do let them know that you will be late 

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Q41: Should we advise when booking if we have luggage, wheelchairs etc that need to be carried in the car boot?

YES - We need to ensure there is sufficient space so there are no issues on the day.

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Q43: We have heard Confetti can damage cars, what if we get Confetti inside the car?

It can stain and cause issues if damp or wet, if possible try to discreetly brush off from your clothes before entering.

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Q46: Wedding Insurance Cover - Should we have this?

YES - Absolutely. consider taking a Wedding Insurance to protect your wedding day outlay.

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Q47: Why do prices vary for more or less the same type of vehicle?

Usually, it's the varying distances from their individual base to your wedding area.  

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Q48: Do you provide vehicles for other special events, apart from weddings?

The main business we provide vehicles for are Weddings, Wedding/Marriage Blessings and Civil Partnership Ceremonies.  We also provide our cars to Film and Television production companies for filming, Funeral Hire and also for paid promotional events where the carriage of passengers is not required.   Regretfully we do not usually provide vehicles for any other special occasion due to ‘Wedding Hire’ insurance restrictions.

If you require a car for another type of event we need to ensure vehicles available for this have the appropriate ‘Private Hire’ insurance and licences as required by UK law.  Although a vehicle owners insurance company may cover their car for other special events, UK law does not permit any vehicle to be used for other events such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Hen & Stag Nights, School Proms, Day Trips etc. unless the vehicle owner has been granted a licence by the local council to carry out these other types of events, and also the vehicle in question has been licenced.  If a vehicle owner carries out an event that is not a wedding with a vehicle that has not been licensed by the local council it can be impounded, crushed and the owner heavily fined as has happened to unsuspecting owners from other companies in the past.  The annual cost of these licences are very expensive and coupled with twice annually strict MOT’s for the vehicle’s the cost to gain a licence is not usually practical for most owners with Classic or Vintage cars as these other types of event are a very small proportion of their work and the outlay may never be recouped.  Thankfully the government understands certain traditions are a part of our heritage and therefore does not impose these stricter requirements on vehicles used only for Weddings and Funerals.

Regretfully we are unable to become involved in arranging anything ourselves other than for Funeral or Wedding related hires as detailed above.   Thank you for your understanding.

Q51: Will you park directly outside our collection address?

YES - As long as access is suitable and a large space has been left for the wedding vehicle.

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Q53: How Many Passenger Seats in Vintage & Classic Cars ?

Every vehicle on our website shows how many passengers they can carry but do take into consideration space especially if the Bride is travelling in the vehicle 

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Q54: Do we have One Contact for All Vehicles we book, ie Quotes, Viewings, Payments, Changes and Ongoing Advice ?

YES - Until 30 days prior to the wedding, when your wedding supplier will take full control of the booking and finalise the finer details.

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Q55: Promotional Event - We would like one of your cars, what do we do?

Email us or phone us - Details on our Contact page.

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Q56: Films & Television - We would like one of your cars, what do we do?

Email us or phone us - Details on our Contact page.

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Q57: The ceremony and reception are in the same venue, can we have a drive after the ceremony ?

YES - Ideal for a stop-off for additional photographs, and a little private time together before returning to the guests.

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Q58: Can we pay for our booking in instalments [stage payments]?

YES - Simply email us with your request and we will email you our Bank Details 

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Q59: How many Wedding Cars will we need?

Minimum One, but possibly more depending on passenger numbers and distance between collection and venue/s.  

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Q60: Why choose Premier Carriage for our Wedding Cars?

Q61: Do you allow smoking or vaping in the cars?

NO - Sorry, we do not allow smoking or vaping in the vehicles. 

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Q62: What type of car should we choose for our wedding?

This depends on the style of your wedding, your preference, time of year, and seating capacity.   

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Q65: How do we Pay our Balance when it's due?

By Card and/or Bank Transfer. Details to make payment can be found on your deposit payment receipt

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Q66: Can we make a personal visit to your office?

We are more than happy to organise a viewing of any vehicles before you pay a securing deposit. 

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Q67: Is your Website Copyright Protected?

YES, and it is fully policed to protect our content.

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Q69: When is our balance payment due?

No later than 42 days (6 weeks) prior to the wedding

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Q70: What is Included in the Quote

The Vehicle/s, Fuel, Chauffeur, Waiting Time, Ribbons, any City Emission Fees (If Applicable) and anything else you have requested, and we have quoted for.

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Q71: Why and How do I contact the Vehicle Supplier Directly ?

The supplier is the person responsible, and the one you have hired to provide the vehicle and service; On such an important day it would be unwise not to double check your final itinerary details directly with them. Their contact details are shown on your itinerary.

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Q72: Can we pay extra if we need more time on the day

YES - However extensions requested "on the day" cannot be guaranteed,  if your timings overrun a little your chauffeur will always try to accommodate, but this must never be taken as a guarantee.   

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Q73: Are Quotes Automated, When will I get a Reply

NO - Hire Prices shown on the website are estimated. To ensure you receive a best price we always check logistics and manually calculate quotes which are normally emailed to you on the same day, during office hours.   

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Q75: Does a quote confirm a vehicles availability

YES - Vehicles quoted will be showing as available on our system 'as at the time' of your enquiry, however as good practise availability or the vehicle and its chauffeur will always need to be re-confirmed once you have advised us you wish to make a booking.

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Q77: Important Dates to Remember for Your Diary

View a list of dates to Remember such as When Balance Due, When to Check Final Details, etc..   

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Q78: Are vehicles shown the exact cars we are hiring ?

YES - The vehicle you hire is the one shown in the photo hence the reason we do not blank out number plates. Be very wary of websites not displaying number plates.   

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Q79: How do I get a Quote ?

The quickest way is via our website Vehicles' page.  Enter the wedding date and location, all available vehicles will then be displayed together with prices. You can also filter your search results.  

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Q80: Can you provide a Standby Back-Up vehicle

YES - We can organise a backup vehicle should you request it.

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Q81: On paying a deposit do we 'Definitely' have the car reserved for us ?

YES - When the deposit amount is received the reservation is confirmed.    

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Q82: What to consider when hiring a vintage Bus or Coach

Access to Venues, Seating Capacity, Seat Belts, Entrance Steps and Stairs etc..

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