Beauford Touring Convertible

Vehicle Ref 285

Beauford Touring Convertible

About this vehicle:

The Beauford Convertible is a modern built car based on the 1930’s Vintage style Duisenberg, in the wedding business it is affectiontely known as the Fairy Tale car. It has a Black Hood which can be raised or lowered in seconds to provide either fully covered motoring or an open top for those warm summer days.  It has a rear picnic trunk and coupled with the whitewall banded tyres and wire spoke wheels the charm of this car is apparent, there is also a spare wire spoked wheel at the head of  the running boards which incidently make for ideal seated wedding photo poses.  The Beauford is a very popular wedding car so do not delay if this is the car you require.


Exterior / Interior Colours:

Ivory / Light Beige & Tan

Total Number of Seats:

4 Passengers (+ Chauffeur)

Chauffeur's Attire:

Fully Uniformed

Children & Babies:

Children (3+ years)

Number of Passenger Seats:

1 Front , 3 Rear

Passenger Seat Belts Fitted:

1 Front , 3 Rear

Vehicle Local Area:

Uckfield, East Sussex

Vehicle Make:


Vehicle Operating Area

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From Phoebe Broster

Thank you so much for the beautiful experience ! It's a truly stunning car and we appreciated you waiting around for us to take pictures!