Ford Mustang Convertible V8 4.7 Litre

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Ford Mustang Convertible V8 4.7 Litre

About this vehicle:

This elegant classic Convertible Mustang is finished in Wimbledon White which is the soft white similar to Ivory.  A firm favourite for the Groom and Best Man to arrive at the ceremony venue in, especially as it has a large throbbing V8 engine to let all in the vicinity know the boys are in town !   however as it's a convertible it is also ideal for photos with the roof down when the Happy Couple depart the ceremony.  Popular with both Grooms and Brides and in the a traditional wedding colour of white this sporty American convertible has to be the choice.  Although a two door vehicle the front seats tip fully forward at an angle to provide for easier entry and exit.


Exterior / Interior Colours:

Wimbledon White / Blue

Total Number of Seats:

4 Passengers (+ Chauffeur)

Chauffeur's Attire:

Smart Suit & Tie

Children & Babies:

Children (3+ years)

Number of Passenger Seats:

1 Front , 3 Rear

Passenger Seat Belts Fitted:

1 Front , 0 Rear

Vehicle's Year:


Vehicle Make:


Vehicle Operating Area

This Ford Mustang Convertible V8 4.7 Litre is available in and around the following places:

Verified Reviews from Past Clients

From Brad & Jess

Just wanted to say thanks for the Mustang, It was great and so was Nev too. It really made our day.

Thanks, Brad & Jess

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