Fiat 500d Convertible

Vehicle Ref 811

Classic Fiat 500

About this vehicle:

If only it had red wings you would expect to see 'Noddy and Big Ears' with their heads popping out of the top of the convertible roof.  The fifties and sixties were part of the golden age of travel and many of the cars from that era were much smaller than those of today, the Mini and the Morris Minor are two that spring to mind, but this Fiat 500 convertible is an Italian version of the smaller car but what a little beauty she is, and in the traditional wedding colour of Olde English White which is the soft white similar to Ivory with a roll back open top roof in Sage Green, just perfect for travelling on a balmy summers day.  Naturally the passengers can have a choice of travelling with the roof closed or as a full open top, simply advise your driver how you wish to travel.  Because the vehicle is a small car we would suggest that if you are not familiar with the model then perhaps it best if you were to view the car beforehand to ensure the space is suitable for you, and we will be happy to arrange a private appointment to view should you wish to do this. Bear in mind the front passenger seat can be moved forward and also removed completely to provide the largest space although this may need to be removed before it leaves base so we would need to know before the wedding day if it is required to be removed thereby making this a two passenger seat vehicle.


Exterior / Interior Colours:

Olde English White / Sage Green

Total Number of Seats:

3 Passengers (+ Chauffeur)

Chauffeur's Attire:

Smart Suit & Tie

Children & Babies:

Children (3+ years)

Number of Passenger Seats:

1 Front , 2 Rear

Passenger Seat Belts Fitted:

0 Front , 0 Rear

Vehicle's Year:


Vehicle Local Area:

Thetford, Norfolk

Vehicle Make:


Vehicle Operating Area

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From Dillon

Honestly, we could not have asked for a better experience. John called us around a week before the day and asked what personalisation we would like and even gave us the option to switch cars to one of his other 500s, which we took him up on after realising we probably wouldn't fit in the back of the closed roof Fiat 500! On the day, John was patient and considerate, and kept us both calm on what was a very stressful but exciting day! He gave us plenty of time for photos, waiting during the ceremony for more opportunities afterwards. Everyone commented on how beautiful the car was and it really was a big part in making the day so much more special. Can't recommend the company or John himself enough, was absolutely amazing and so well organised to take a lot of stress away!