Cadillac De Ville Convertible

Vehicle Ref 54

Cadillac Convertible

About this vehicle:

They say all things are bigger in America and this Cadillac de Ville shows the saying is very true.   A very elegant and sleek convertible from the 1960's, the era when Elvis was King, in fact Elvis used to own a car just like this one, except in pink !   Although a two door vehicle the whole front passenger seat tips forward at an angle to provide for easier access to the rear seats. Being a convertible the occupants have the choice of enclosed motoring or fully open topped cruising at the press of a button.  In the traditional wedding colour of White this American beauty will glide you to the ceremony in serene comfort, USA style.


Exterior / Interior Colours:

White / White Leather

Total Number of Seats:

4 Passengers (+ Chauffeur)

Chauffeur's Attire:

Smart Suit & Tie

Children & Babies:

Children (3+ years)

Number of Passenger Seats:

1 Front , 3 Rear

Passenger Seat Belts Fitted:

0 Front , 0 Rear

Vehicle's Year:


Vehicle Local Area:

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Vehicle Make:


Vehicle Operating Area

This Cadillac De Ville Convertible is available in and around the following places:

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Verified Reviews from Past Clients

From Melissa Brown

I’ve been meaning to get in touch to thank you so very much for the fantastic experience you provided for our wedding day. Gliding down the country lanes in the glorious sunshine was the best way to start our married life and its only got better! It’s been a pleasure dealing with you all from start to finish.

From Janet Bingham

Thank you for the finishing touch to a fabulous day. The Cadillac was amazing and the driver a perfect gentleman, offering faultless service. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

From Jonathan Bradford

THANK YOU so much for making our wedding day truly a dream. The car was beautiful and Gary was in communication all the way through. He was punctual, respectful and a delight to talk to. I'm so very happy to whole heartedly recommend. The Cadillac really is the WOW FACTOR

From John O’Dell

Wow factor indeed! We felt like rock stars for the day, the Cadillac is a stunner and the photos are amazing, another tick off the bucket list. A million thanks for the VIP treatment.

From Daniel Davidson

I’d like to thank you once again, the Cadillac was stunning and it made our day.