Vintage Routemaster Wedding Buses for hire, Seats up to 72 passengers each decorated with white ribbons
Published 2023-11-27 by Premier Carriage

Why Hire a Vintage Bus for Your Wedding?

When in the planning stages of your upcoming marriage, the idea of hiring a bus for your wedding might not occupy your initial thoughts. However, beautiful vintage buses don’t only provide memorable talking points; they offer practical solutions to potential logistical headaches on the big day. So why should you choose a bus over other conventional modes of transport and which type of bus should you choose?

Buses Offer Practical Solutions for Transport in Between Venues

In many cases, wedding ceremonies take place at a different venue to the reception, which presents you with the dilemma of transporting guests from one location to the other. What’s more, parking limitations at reception venues often preclude your guests from driving themselves over in their respective vehicles. By hiring a bus for your wedding guests, you can solve this problem by providing transport to all who need it. At this point, you may be wondering why you should choose a vintage coach as opposed to an ordinary bus. Fortunately, there are many excellent reasons for doing so.

Why Hire a Classic Bus for Your Wedding?

Whilst hiring a bog-standard coach solves the logistical problem of transporting guests, it does so without any of the benefits provided by a vintage bus. Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to choose a classic wedding bus over its modern equivalent.

Vintage vehicles provide a show-stopping talking point

By hiring a vintage wedding bus, you can provide a real talking point for guests. For example, who is going to forget your groomsmen arriving at the venue in a 1955 Florida Fire Truck? Remember, this is the one day of your life that you want your extended family and friends to remember more than almost any other.

Classic American Yellow School Bus for hire

By hiring a head-turning vintage bus for your wedding, you can make a bold statement that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on your guests and those you encounter on your route from the church to the reception venue.

Unique vehicles make unique memories

Let’s be honest; no one is going to remember arriving at the reception venue in a non-descript 52-seater coach. But if you transport all of your guests on a fleet of 1966 London Routemaster Buses, your guests will talk about that experience for years to come.

Three identical Red Routemaster buses decorated with matching white ribbons and bow. All buses are aligned in the same position next to each others

These buses provide the opportunity for adults and children alike to be magically transported back to the 1960s, providing an experiential element to your big occasion that they’ll never forget.

Elevate wedding transport from necessary evil to nostalgic beauty

Vintage wedding buses give many the opportunity for guests to have a ride in a vehicle that’s rarely, if ever, seen on our roads. Take this 1953 Regal AEC London Bus, for example. It’s likely that the majority of your guests weren’t even born when this bus was in service!