Classic  7-seater Austin Princess Limousine with White Ribbons
Published 2023-11-27 by Premier Carriage

Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Cars

When planning a wedding it’s more than likely you’ll wish to travel in style and there is no finer way than being driven by a fully uniformed chauffeur in a luxury Rolls-Royce.

However, if that’s not to your taste, the choice of vehicles we have available for hire is immense.  With over 750 vehicles available to hire, you can choose vintage Cars from the roaring twenties, classic cars from the 1960’s, or the latest luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom. In short, we are sure that you’ll find the best wedding cars for your specific style.

If you need a little bit of inspiration before settling on your final decision, we’ve poured through our thousands of bookings over the years to pick out the top 10 wedding cars in the UK.

Below are the 10 most popular wedding cars listed in reverse order (number 1 being the most popular).

10. Bentley Mulsanne

White Bentley Mulsanne with brushed silver bonnet parked in front of a wedding venue

The Mulsane is the flagship of the modern Bentley fleet.  This latest luxury status symbol from Crewe is a car to be seen in, or to be driven. With plush leather interiors and highly polished walnut throughout you could be mistaken for thinking you were inside the Savoy. It doesn’t get much better than this !

9. McLaren

McLaren GT

The McLaren GT is a striking two seat sports car so it is ideal for the Groom’s transport and will certainly blow the cobwebs away. The Groom's car is usually only required for the drive to the ceremony thereafter the Bride & Groom will depart together in the Bride’s car.

8. American Cadillac

Rear view of Pink Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible showing the iconic fin tail

This Cadillac is from the 1950’s era.  Built when Elvis was King and Bill Hailey ‘rocked around the clock’ and everything in the USA was Big including the space inside these massive vehicles. The impressive tail fins are something to behold. Watch out if it’s reversing.

7. Beauford Convertible

White vintage beauford convertible with roof down and white ribbons

The 30's Style Vintage Beauford Convertible is affectionately known as the ‘Fairy Tale’ car. This modern car built in a vintage style was modelled after the 1930’s Duesenburg. Easy access is afforded from running boards on both sides and a modern engine increases reliability.

6. Morris Minor Convertible

Morris Minor Convertible with soft-top roof down decorated with white ribbons

The Morris Minor is a very pretty car which was produced from 1948 to 1971. It quickly became one of the most popular family cars, with many upgrades made over the years. As with all family cars from that era the space inside was smaller than today’s vehicles so always worth viewing before booking.

5. Vintage Rolls-Royce

Vintage Rolls-Royce Royale Convertible in front of a castle style wedding venue

The style of the 1930’s is reflected in this impressive limousine with running boards for easy access. It has very photogenic brass headlamps, whitewall tyres and spoked wheels. Inside the main cabin space is impressive when two are travelling but occasional seats can be used to increase the passengers to six. Many can be found in traditional White.

4. Austin Princess Limousine

Fleet of four classic Austin Princess Limousines. Birde and Groom are standing in front of the vehicles

The Classic Austin Princess Limousine is a massive seven passenger seat wedding vehicle. It is very adaptable and can carry just two passengers with more legroom than a London Taxi. Alternatively, with use of the occasional seats these classic cars can carry six passengers in the main cabin and one in the front next to the chauffeur. Ideal luxury transport for the Bridesmaids or the Bride and Groom.

3. Rolls-Royce Phantom

White Modern Rolls-Royce Phantom Series 2

No wedding would be considered lavish enough without the latest flagship model from Rolls-Royce. The Phantom remaining at the pinnacle of luxury motoring with nothing to touch it. This famous British icon has always been known as The Best Car in The World. it is easy to see why, its famous column stature radiator with the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot is known the world over. To own it you will need a minimum of £362k.

2. Bentley ‘R’ Type

Side View Classic Bentley Wedding Car decorated with Traditional V-shaped White Ribbons

The Bentley ‘R’ Type is one of the most popular classic cars from the 50’s era for wedding hire. The impressive wing mounted chrome headlamps, the unmistakeable Bentley rounded top grille with the Flying ‘B’ mascot and a wealth of soft leather and polished woodwork inside makes this like a ladies or gentleman’s club on wheels.

1. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Two Matching Classic Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds with traditional White ribbons on Bonnet

Well here it is, the No1 of our Top 10 most popular Wedding Cars for hire in the UK - The Classic Rolls-Royce. With its stunning sweeping lines, the long bonnet, huge chrome bumpers and an interior of pure luxury makes the Silver Cloud our number one. The Silver Cloud I and II both have single headlamps, with the later Silver Cloud III having twin headlamps. The choice is yours.