Top 10 most asked wedding cars questions

By Premier Carriage, 8th June, 2015

We know that for most people planning a wedding is a new experience, to offer a little help we have listed the Top 10 most asked wedding cars questions.

1 - What type of wedding transport should I book?

Think about your wedding Style and Theme. Most Brides go for the sumptuous Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Beauford or Daimler but why not going for a funkier retro looking car such as VW campervan, a Ford Capri or even a Morris Minor.  Or perhaps a modern car such as a Range Rover, BMW 7 Series or a super luxury Bentley Continental Flying Spur !

2 – When should I book my transport ?

The earliest you can. Some popular wedding cars get booked up a year or more in advance so it’s always sensible to book it the soonest you can. The earlier you book the larger the choice you will have for your special day, remember if you like it someone else will too.

3 – Wedding Bus for my guests ?

Wedding Buses are a popular mode of transport if the wedding ceremony venue is a long distance from the wedding reception venue or if there are limited car parking spaces at each venue. If a large number of your guests are coming from abroad it’s also re-assuring to know they will not need to worry about transportation especially if they are unable to converse well in English. Some buses like the London Routemaster will transport up to 64 passengers so a couple of trips may be required for those with a larger number of guests.  Let your guests enjoy the champagne without having to worry about driving !

4 – How many Cars do I need to Hire?

Most couples book the one car to transport the Bride to the ceremony. The car will then be used by Bride and Groom to travel to the reception venue. The photographer may come along in the car, or more usually follow them and have a little short stop on the way for additional photographs while your guests make their way to the wedding reception.

If you decide to opt for two wedding cars, then the Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride will travel in one car shortly followed by the Bride and her Father in the second wedding car.

5 - How many guests can I transport in one Car?

Most cars will seat up to four passengers however Many Brides often tell us…’I’d like to transport my four Bridesmaids, my Mum and Dad and myself in one car, can I fit seven people in one car’ ?    Well, it will reduce the options available but some vehicles will seat up to seven passengers in one wedding vehicle such as the Austin Princess Limousine or the Classic Daimler DS420 Limousine or the semi convertible Landaulette version.  If the collection address and ceremony venue are within 10 minutes of each other then you could still use the one car and do two trips, thereby taking up to four in each trip and opening up your options considerably with a wider selection of wedding cars..

6- When does the car need to arrive at the wedding ceremony?

Be on the safe side !  Ensure the car arrives at your collection address 15 minutes before the departure.  Allow ample time to travel between locations especially if you know the roads tend to get busy with traffic or there are road works on the way.  Allow extra time for photos when getting in and out of the car.  For a church wedding the Bride usually arrives a few minutes before the ceremony is due to start, for civil ceremonies at other venues or registry offices the Bride will usually need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the ceremony in order to meet the registrar.

7 - What if we need to cancel our wedding car?

Always check the cancellation policy before you book.  All wedding car companies will ask you for a deposit at time of booking and this will be non-refundable in event of cancellation.  Some wedding car companies will also charge you a large proportion of the whole total cost of the hire if you cancel within two or three months of the wedding date, others will only charge you if you cancel a few weeks before the wedding.  If you take out wedding insurance this will probably cover you if the reason for cancellation is medical or another serious reason.  Check your wedding insurance – Just in case.

8 – How to decorate the wedding cars?

We often get asked about wedding car decoration. Our advice, keep it simple !   You can match the car ribbons to your wedding colour theme or keep it to White or Ivory as it does look so much more elegant and traditional.  Ask about flowers on the parcel shelves which are normally provided as standard in most wedding cars however nearly all vintage cars and convertibles do not have parcel shelves so they will not be possible in these types of car.  Silk flowers are the normal as fresh flowers will wilt and die very quickly on a hot parcel shelf in full sun.

9 – How to save money on our wedding cars?

If you need your Bridesmaids to be provided with wedding transport as well as the Bride then you could do a couple of trips subject to distance and journey times.  First drop the Bridesmaids off and then come back for the Bride.  Both drop offs would need to be relatively close to each other’s (10 minutes maximum) otherwise you may have to wait a long time for Bride to arrive after the Bridesmaids have been dropped off.  The less mileage the car has to make the less it will cost so when looking for cars try to choose those based nearest to your wedding area as it is not only the cost to do your wedding, but also the getting to and from your area has to be accounted for as well.

10 – Can I get a Discount for my Wedding Cars ?

If you’re thinking of booking more than one vehicle with the same wedding transport company then it’s worth asking if they will offer a discount.  Some wedding car companies will offer you a discount when booking more than one car however those that have priced their cars sensibly to start with may not be able to reduce further. So always take this into consideration and don’t think you are always getting a good deal if you get a discount as this may have been added to the original quote so they can later remove it to offer the discount.  Rule of thumb is, if you like the cars and the price is affordable then go for it, you will probably only get married the once.


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