White rolls-royce with doors open showing cream leather interior
Published 2023-11-27 by Premier Carriage

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Car Choices for Brides and Grooms in London?

For those of you looking to get married in London, there is a myriad of choices when it comes to churches, reception venues, caterers, photographers, entertainment acts, stylists, and of course, vehicles to hire for your special day.

But by undertaking some of our own meticulous research, we’re hopefully going to make the planning process much easier for you. We’ve trawled through our database containing thousands of orders (spanning more than two decades) in order to reveal what the most (and least) popular choices are for wedding car hire in London, along with their average costs.

So what do the statistics say? Which type of wedding car comes out on top?

Genuine Classic (1940s-1980s) – 40%

That’s right, almost half of all soon-to-be-married couples opt to hire a genuine classic vehicle for their London wedding. And who can blame them with so many amazing cars to choose from this particular era!

You could opt to go for the elegance and opulence of a 1960s Rolls-Royce Phantom Limousine, or perhaps you and your partner might prefer taking the cute and quirky 1950s convertible Volkswagen Beetle for a spin from the church to the reception venue?

Whatever the choice, the average cost for a wedding vehicle hired within this category comes in at £395, which roughly represents the median value on the price spectrum for wedding vehicle hire within London.

Classic Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud in front of the Dorchester Hotel in London


1930s-Style Vintage Vehicles – 27%

Coming in a very creditable second place are vehicles from the 1930s-style vintage category. These are cars that are best described as tributes to the great designs of the 1930s while offering the reliability of modern engines and safety features.

Perhaps the most famous exponent of this type of car is the Beauford Convertible. From the release of the first models in 1980, this “fairytale” wedding car combines modern performance with the delicious curves and elongated bonnet of a 1930s Grand Tourer.

These wedding vehicles are perfect for those looking for a sense of nostalgia without taking on the perceived risk of relying on older technology under the hood. The average wedding vehicle hire cost for this category in London comes in at £320, which is excellent news for those wanting the vintage look at a reasonable price.

Vintage Regent in Black and Ivory with London Bridge in the Background

Modern Cars – 20%

Rounding out the top three choices for wedding car hire in London are modern-day wedding vehicles. Once again, it’s not at all surprising that these cars are popular amongst the choices made by London-based couples.

After all, this category includes high-powered sports cars that are always popular with bridegrooms. Who wouldn’t want to play the role of James Bond for the big day by arriving suited and booted in an Aston Martin?

Or maybe both of you want to leave the church in style by hiring a car that oozes luxury and class, such as the long-wheel-based Bentley Mulsanne or Luxurious Rolls-Royce? Either way, hiring a modern vehicle for your wedding will set you back, on average, £390 for locations within London, offering excellent value for access to the latest models.