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Published 2023-11-27 by Premier Carriage

5 Reasons You Should Get Wedding Insurance

The events of 2020 have demonstrated the importance of securing wedding insurance for your special day. Having to think what could go wrong on your wedding day may not sound like much fun, but it’s essential to take the necessary steps of covering yourself against any eventuality.

With that in mind, here are some significant reasons for purchasing wedding insurance.

Top 5 Reasons you should get a wedding insurance

1. Cover Yourself Against Losing One of Life’s Most Expensive Outlays

It’s useful to look at wedding insurance in the same way you look at other valuable life assets. Let’s say you just bought a costly item of jewellery. One of the first things you would do upon receiving the item would be to contact your home and contents insurer to protect it.

So why wouldn’t you apply to the same concept to your wedding? The average spend for a wedding in the UK was £20,700 this year. Aside from a house deposit, this is likely one of the most significant financial purchases you’ll ever make, so it doesn’t make sense not to protect that investment.

2. One Policy Provides Protection Across a Wide Range of Services

Every wedding has a multitude of component parts. From wedding car hire to the wedding cake, one policy can cover you against the threat of any of those components failing. While some items (such as the venue) will have more of a financial bearing than others, it makes sense to protect everything with an all-encompassing policy. Let’s look at some approximate costs below.

As you can see, even if only a couple of things go wrong, it can soon add up to a lot of money out of your pocket if you’re not covered.

3. Wedding Insurance Policies Also Cover the Costs of Rearrangement

Depending on the level of cover you take out, your wedding insurance provider will also cover the costs associated with rearrangement. For example, let’s say you paid £5,000 for a wedding venue, which then experiences a disaster such as a fire or a flood.

As a result, you have to move to an alternative venue that costs £2,000 more. The cancellation cover protects the initial £5,000 cost whilst the additional cost of rearrangement cover protects the extra £2,000 to move the wedding in the event of a valid claim.

4. Wedding Insurance Provides Much More Protection Than a Credit Card

Often those couples who proceed without wedding insurance cite the protection they receive from making deposits and purchases on a credit card in the event of cancellation. However, credit cards do not cover you in the event of public liability.

The public liability element of wedding insurance covers accidental injury to third parties or accidental damage to third party property inflicted by you or your guests. In fact, many venues will now refuse to take couples who don’t have public liability cover of at least £2 million in place (including for their guests).

5. Wedding Insurance Costs Are Minimal Compared to the Level of the Cover

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to buy wedding insurance is that it’s incredibly good value to do so. Cover can start for as little as £37.99 (June 2024 from "Cover My Wedding") for up to £5,000 worth of protection. For comprehensive cover that insures up to £50,000 of items, as well as providing £5 million in public liability insurance, you can expect to pay as little as £300.

When you ask yourself if you would pay £300 to cover every conceivable eventuality on your special day, you’ll probably find it hard to say no. This is one of the most important days of your life; you don’t want to head into it worrying about what could go wrong. Just one small upfront payment could take care of everything.

Protect Your Wedding Car Hire by Taking Out a Wedding Insurance Policy

While hiring a wedding car for your ceremony may not be the most significant outlay on your big day, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a service that you can’t use through no fault of your own. One straightforward payment can protect any of the costs associated with wedding car hire; therefore, it’s an investment that we recommend you make.

If you would like advice on choosing the perfect car for your wedding, our expert team are on hand to help you pick a vehicle that’s right for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to have a member of staff take you through our extensive fleet of wedding vehicles.

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