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Published 2023-11-27 by Premier Carriage

Top 10 Most Asked Wedding Cars Questions

We know that planning a wedding is a new experience for most people, and with that comes a lot of questions. So to help you out, we've put together the top 10 most asked questions concerning wedding car hire.

1 - What type of wedding transport should I book?

There are so many possibilities, especially when working with a company as big as Premier Carriage, when it comes to choosing wedding transport. But the first step is to sit down with your fiancé and figure out what kind of car would suit your wedding day style or theme.

For example, are you going for a classic, vintage theme? Most brides going for this overarching theme choose sumptuous classic and vintage wedding cars such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Beauford or Daimler.

Perhaps you're going for something more rustic or boho. In which case, why not consider a funkier retro-looking car, such as a VW campervan, a Ford Capri, or even a Morris Minor?

Or maybe you're dead set on a modern, chic wedding celebration. In that case, a modern car such as a Range Rover, BMW 7 Series, or a super luxury Bentley Mulsanne might be more suitable.

2 – When should I book my transport ?

The earliest you can. Some popular wedding cars get booked up a year or more in advance, so it’s always sensible to book it as soon as possible. Plus, the earlier you book, the more comprehensive your choice for your special day.

Remember that if you love the look of a particular wedding vehicle, chances are other people will too. So don't make the mistake of waiting too long and then being disappointed when your first choice car is no longer available.

3 – Who Travels with Who in the Wedding Cars?

While there are no official rules, traditionally, the groomsmen arrive first in their wedding vehicles so that they can welcome everyone to the venue, followed by the bridesmaids and mother of the bride, before the wedding car makes its last journey with the bride and father of the bride.

You can, if you wish, hire wedding buses for your guests, depending on how much sense that makes for your specific wedding venue and budget.

4 – How many Cars do I need to Hire?

Most couples book one car to transport the bride to the ceremony. The car is then often used by the bride and groom for travelling to and from the ceremony to the reception venue. The photographer may come along in the car, or, more usually, follow them and have a short stop on the way for additional photographs while your guests make their way to the wedding reception.

If you decide to opt for two wedding cars, then the bridesmaids and mother of the bride will travel in one car, shortly followed thereafter by the bride and her father in the second wedding car.

5 - How many guests can I transport in one Car?

Most cars will seat up to four passengers comfortably. Still, we often get asked whether there are vehicles available with as many as seven seats to ensure other significant people are transported in style, including the parents of the bride or bridesmaids.

The good news is that plenty of vehicles will seat up to seven passengers, including the Austin Princess Limousine, the Classic Daimler DS420 Limousine, or the semi-convertible Landaulette.

Don't forget, if the collection address and ceremony venue are within 10 minutes of each other, then you could still use one car and do two trips, taking up to four on each trip and opening up your options considerably with a wider selection of wedding cars.

6- When does the car need to arrive at the wedding ceremony?

Always be on the safe side!

Ensure the car arrives at your collection address at least 15 minutes before the departure. Allow ample time to travel between locations, especially if you know the roads tend to get busy with traffic or there are road works on the way.

Also, ensure you allow extra time for photos when getting in and out of the car. For a church wedding, the bride usually arrives a few minutes before the ceremony is due to start. For civil ceremonies at other venues or registry offices, the bride will usually need to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the ceremony in order to meet the registrar.

7 - What if we need to cancel our wedding car?

Always check the cancellation policy before you book.

All wedding car companies will ask you for a deposit at the time of booking, which will be non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Some wedding car companies will also charge you a large proportion of the total cost of the hire if you cancel within two or three months of the wedding date, while others will only charge you if you cancel a few weeks before the wedding.

If you take out wedding insurance, this will probably cover you if the reason for cancellation is medical or another serious reason. So make sure to check your wedding insurance policy too.

8 – How to decorate the wedding cars?

Most wedding cars are decorated with standard V-shape ribbons and may also have a silk bow to the front. Depending on the specific wedding vehicle, bows may be added to the handles, and there may be an arrangement of silk flowers (real flowers wilt and can cause damage) on the rear parcel shelf. However, note that most classic or vintage cars don't have a rear parcel shelf.

In terms of the wedding car decorations themselves, our advice is always to keep it simple. There's a reason you've booked the wedding car you have; because you love the way it looks! Adding too many decorations can often overwhelm the look of the car and take away from its original beauty.

Little touches such as matching the car ribbon colours to the wedding theme colours can often create a lovely effect and show that real thought has gone into the choice of wedding car hire. But remember, less is definitely more when it comes to decorating wedding cars

9 – How Can I Save Money or Get a Discount on Our Wedding Cars?

One of the easiest ways to cut down on costs is to make multiple trips with one hired wedding car. For instance, if you need transport for your bridesmaids in addition to the bride, then you could do a couple of trips. However, your pick-up location shouldn't be any further than 10 minutes away from the venue. Otherwise, you'll have a long wait between the bridesmaids and the bride arriving.

Distance travelled is a significant factor in wedding car hire prices, so when choosing a car, opt for a car that's close to your wedding area as it's not only the cost to do your wedding, but also the getting to and from your area has to be accounted for as well.

Concerning discounts, you may ask for a reduction in the hire rate if you're hiring more than one car, but there's no guarantee you'll get a discount. Some companies will give you a 5-10% reduction, but this isn't always the case. Many already price their cars sensibly from the outset and can't offer a further reduction.

A word of advice; if you see a car you like and the price is affordable, then go for it. Cars are constantly being booked, and you'll likely only get married once!

10 – Can I get a Discount for my Wedding Cars ?

Of course! Remember, most wedding car journeys transport you from where you're getting ready to the ceremony venue. While onward journeys to the reception are commonplace, there's no reason you can't treat yourself to a luxurious ride around the local area or to a nearby location for photographs if your ceremony and reception are both being held in the same place.

Plus, it helps you save on costs as you won't need to book multiple vehicles for multiple trips. Be sure to mention your plans when booking so the company can advise on the most suitable car and package for your needs.

So there you have it, 10 of the most popular questions we get asked here at Premier Carriage. We hope you found this post useful and that it's helped answer any questions you may have. If you still have any queries, then please don't hesitate to get in touch by calling us or emailing our team at [email protected].