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  • At Premier Carriage we believe in offering you our best price at the outset and any business ready and willing to offer you discounts up front means their prices have been set too high to start with, we do not believe in this approach and as a professional company we have strived to market each vehicle sensibly to avoid the need for up front discounts. We know the running costs of each vehicle and their market value and the prices are based accordingly and our clients appreciate this sensible business approach and thankfully our company is successful, indeed we were one of the first companies in the UK to show all of our prices on our website as we believe clients deserve transparency even before they contact us. We are proud to have set the benchmark that others emulate.  However let us get back to the question of ‘discounts’, putting the standard base prices to one side, some owners will offer a discount for certain cars if booked as a pair, and on some cars for Low Season [November to March] or Weekday weddings as these are usually quieter times, also some owners will offer last minute bookings at a much larger discount with our ‘Late Availability’ rates but any vehicle that is open to any type of discount from the standard base price will have this detailed on their individual car page, discounts for weddings taking place at weekends in the peak season [April to October] regretfully are not possible.

    As mentioned above we believe our prices are already amongst the most competitive in the industry however we have a ‘Best Rates Guarantee’ so if you find the *same car available at lower price elsewhere we will aim to match or beat that quote.  We are confident you will not find better value, anywhere.

    Naturally we understand clients asking about discounts, as the old saying goes ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’ but if we may offer one piece of valuable advice it would always be not to make a decision to book a car simply based on price, it is very easy to find a cheap wedding car company but much more difficult to find a good, reliable and recommended one. So often when booking a car the price will outweigh all other considerations and it is only when problems occur that you realize why the price was low. To keep a price artificially low to achieve a booking standards must inevitably be cut, some wedding cars can be over worked and under maintained which could affect their reliability on the day, some companies in order to keep prices lower will book a car out to more than one wedding per day without your knowledge, with all the problems that could bring.  As with all things in life you tend to get exactly what has been paid for, but your wedding day is surely not a time to compromise and cut corners.  At Premier Carriage we have tried to be as open and as transparent as possible and we feel sure you will appreciate this honest style of business approach.  Thank you for your kind understanding to this delicate matter of ‘discounts’.

    * Same car means a vehicle with the same registration number.

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