• Yes, Premier Carriage is proud to provide top class Customer Service so we’re here for you throughout, from the initial enquiry, to viewings, to the booking stage, to mid-term amendments if required and finally collecting balance payments and ensuring clients and owners are in receipt of identical itineraries. Even though we manage the whole process on behalf of and at the request of the vehicle owners the contract to provide the vehicle/s and service on the wedding day is direct between client and vehicle owner, however clients and vehicle owners are still able to maintain full contact with each other throughout the whole process should they wish to. We are not a Wedding Car Directory and we would never take your deposit then end our involvement and pass you on to someone else to do the rest, in our eyes this would be most unprofessional.  As you will only be dealing with Premier Carriage throughout and not multiple companies we will co-ordinate all vehicles even if from different owners and you will therefore not need to make deposit and balance payments to different people and to different multiple bank accounts as ours will be the only account you will need, and by whatever means your deposit was paid including by credit card you are assured you will still have this same facility available when it is time to pay the balance, you therefore do not need to pay the full amount of the hire in one go to ensure this.  Our customer service is second to none, and unlike Wedding Directories we continually monitor and review all of our Wedding Car Professionals to ensure they remain ‘just that’, so for this purpose please let us know your experience on the wedding day and we will happily add to our website any review you wish to provide for the benefit of future clients.  We will continue to fully manage your booking including any changes and other queries and requests you may have right up until close of business 28 days prior to the wedding day so you will only be dealing with one person throughout, by this time all payments will have been received and both client and vehicle owner will have a current itinerary showing the clients requirements.  We will even guarantee that if in the unlikely event you find the same cars at a lower price elsewhere we will aim to match or better that quote.  In fact the only time you should make changes direct with the owner/driver is if these are decided within 28 days of the ‘actual wedding day’ itself.   The owner will do their very best to accommodate these last minute changes but please bear in mind making changes so late in the day may not always be possible.  When making changes Premier Carriage will always send an updated itinerary showing the new details, clients must ensure they always receive the updated itinerary after requesting a change, if sending changes by email do not automatically assume the email has been received as emails can go astray en-route.  If you do not receive an amended itinerary it could mean we have not received details of the changes you require so please phone us on 01202 822659 if you have not received within 48 hours the updated itinerary showing the changes requested, thank you.

    As a sensible precaution we do ask both the client and vehicle owner to make direct contact with each other about 14 days prior to the wedding to run over the final details together which is especially important if you have made changes or updates to the original itinerary since booking,  doing this will ensure there will be no unwanted surprises on the day.  This is also a good time to tell the driver the little additional things you would like them to know, perhaps directions to locate your collection address a little easier, or about specific parking areas by your house etc, the little things that do not need to be in your itinerary but you would like the driver to be aware of anyway, this is also a good time to ask for the chauffeurs mobile number in case you need to make urgent contact on the day.

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