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  • Your balance payment can be paid at any time convenient to yourself as long as it reaches Premier Carriage not later than 42 days prior to the wedding which is the final date for payment to be received. If the full balance has not been received by this final date and we then have to send out more than two reminders for the overdue payment an Administration Charge of £20 will accrue on your account [see FAQ, Q45], we therefore recommend a timely note kept in a diary may be of help as Premier Carriage is unable to send reminders to every client when their own final payment date is approaching.

    If for any reason you are having difficulty making payment by the final due date please advise us before the final due date and we will do our very best to help.  Late payments are becoming much more of a regular occurence and can have a direct and serious consequence on cash flow for small businesses and create additional work for our office staff who need to chase up these overdue payments.

    The overdue administration charge is in place to encourage payments to be received on time thereby saving our office staff from this additional unpaid work as our normal services are free to the client.

    This charge can be avoided by ensuring payment is received on time – thank you.

    Clients who make their booking within 42 days of the wedding date will be advised when their final date for payment will be.  For information on payment types accepted please see Q35 in this websites FAQ section.

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