Buick Phaeton Tourer

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Buick Phaeton Tourer
Buick Phaeton Tourer
Buick Phaeton Tourer
Buick Phaeton Tourer
Buick Phaeton Tourer
Buick Phaeton Tourer
Buick Phaeton Tourer
Buick Phaeton Tourer
  • Seats
    Seats4 Passengers
  • Children
    Children3 Years & Over
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About this vehicle

Imported from Australia this stunning 4 litre Buick Phaeton tourer from the roaring twenties era has been awarded ‘concours’ winner prizes at various classic car shows.  The immaculate Coffee and Cream coachwork is complimented by hickory wood spoke artillery wheels and step up running boards on both sides for easy entrance and exit.  The interior seating is finished in a beautiful cream leather and adds elegance to the spacious cabin.  Being a tourer it is designed to operate with the roof top fully down with the side windows removed or it can also travel with the roof top up and both options can be seen in the photographs, however to offer protection to the occupants in inclement weather the vehicle does have side window panels which the chauffeur can fit if required. Although the passenger seating is predominantly for four if all passengers are slim adults or a mix of children and adults it is possible to seat up to four on the rear bench style seat and one in the front next to the chauffeur making five in total.




Exterior / Interior Colours: Coffee & Cream / Cream Leather
Number of Passenger Seats: 1 Front, 3 Rear
Passenger Seat Belts Fitted: 0 Front, 0 Rear
Children & Babies 3 Years & Over
Vehicles Local Area: Plymouth, Devon
Chauffeur's Attire: Fully Uniformed

Vehicle Operating Area

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