• Yes, these are included in the cost of your car hire, so unless you advise us otherwise all cars will be dressed with the traditional ‘V’ Ribbon flying over the vehicle’s bonnet.  A large selection of ribbon colours are available to choose from, however an exact shading of a colour cannot be a guaranteed as we need to use polypropylene waterproof ribbons and varying shades of colours are limited.  As specific colours are not always in stock they may need to be ordered in so if you have not advised us of a specific colour by the time your balance is paid or within a few weeks of the wedding we will dress the vehicle/s with ‘Ivory’ ribbon which has proved to be the most popular traditional colour for Brides.  If you are concerned about matching colours exactly we would suggest that you choose Ivory or White as these are a standard production.

    As car decoration is personal to the Bride & Groom and as each car has differing ways and means of attaching ribbons and bows should you require additional decoration, for example door handle bows, front grille bows etc. your vehicles owner will be happy to offer guidance as to which decoration will look best on their particular car.

    Please note after dark ribbons may need to be removed when driving for visibility reasons, your safety is our priority.

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