• Yes, where a car is fitted with a large enough rear shelf the car will usually have a silk flower arrangement provided, usually in neutral coloured flowers ie Ivory/White/Cream so they blend with any wedding theme. We appreciate the decoration of a car is personal to the Bride & Groom therefore we offer a choice on our reservation form as to whether a silk flower arrangement is required or not.

    If fresh flowers are preferred we are more than happy to arrange this but it would be at an additional charge and subject to certain *conditions.  We do however strongly suggest that your own florist is asked to provide these, they can then be made up as a perfect match to the bridal bouquet/s and this will also be by far the lowest cost way to provide them.  Your florist can contact the vehicle owner direct to ascertain the size of the rear shelf and window space available in order to make up the arrangement to the correct size as all rear window shelves are different.

    Please Note Fresh flower arrangements often wilt when placed on the rear parcel shelf as the sun magnifies the heat beating down on them coupled with the fact they must not have water in the base so as to avoid possible spillage causing damp staining or water damage to the vehicle interiors.  Also flowers must not contain pollen as again this can cause permanent staining to the vehicle interior.  Because of the problems associated with fresh flowers nearly all wedding car companies use silk flowers as standard.

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