• We would never give you an automated instant quote, all weddings are different and yours will be no exception. We take the time to work out your quote personally to ensure you receive the correct and lowest prices at the outset and only for those vehicles that are still available to you, weddings are expensive enough and we know ‘one size fits all’ quotes do not work in the clients favour, in addition other factors need to be considered like congestion zone charges, road and bridge tolls, vehicular access and other logistics for your wedding area which computers providing automatic instant quotes are unable to take account of.  So although we provide fast quotes they are not instant, but we will always try to respond to your quote and availability enquiry on the same day it is received, however there are certain times when it may not always be possible. For example we always receive many enquiries on a Monday morning that have been sent over the weekend when our office is closed, this then creates a higher degree of work to catch up with on Monday plus all those that arrive on Monday itself.  As each enquiry can have up to five different vehicles to work out quotes for it can take 10 to 15 minutes for each enquiry to be dealt with.  As we receive around 60 enquiries a day this can soon mount up as you can imagine.  Over Bank Holidays, Easter, Christmas & New Year periods our offices are closed this then creates additional work for the day we re-open with a backlog to be actioned.  On the whole we do manage to get the vast majority of quotes sent out within 24 hours but on some occasions it may take just a little longer, and we thank you for your patience.  If you have not had a reply within 48 hours though please do call us on 01202 822659 just in case we did not receive your enquiry, before doing so please check your spam file just in case our reply is hiding there.  Please do not hesitate to phone us if your wedding date is very close [ie within 4 weeks] and we will do our best to help you with availability, quotes and reservation of a vehicle over the telephone, there and then.

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