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  • Yes of course, this is your day and we are happy to do whatever you require.  So let us look at the options and costings.

    Except for the Groom to travel to the ceremony in a Sports Car, our wedding hire is based on two simple principals, either an A to B ‘Single Venue’ Hire [from 1 to 2 hours], or a Full Wedding Hire [from 3 to 4 hours].  In all cases between 20 and 50 miles of travel [base to base] are included in both of these hire types, the actual miles depending on the particular vehicle chosen.

    If a lower price than the Full Wedding [4hr hire] has been quoted for your A to B [1hr or 2hr hire] then any additional time you require the car to be in attendance in excess of those 1 or 2 hours will need to be added to your quote, also any mileage in excess of the included miles ‘base to base’ will need to be added to your quote.  However, if your wedding car is based locally to both your collection address and the ceremony venue then this will probably not incur any additional charges as long as the whole itinerary and the local drive afterwards fall inside the hours already quoted and the ‘base to base’ miles already included in the A to B hire.

    If the car you are hiring does not offer a reduced price for an A to B hire then you will have been quoted the same as a Full wedding which covers up to a 4 hour hire. Therefore the additional time to wait until after the ceremony and then go for a drive afterwards will probably fall well within the Full [4hr hire] included as standard and quoted, so in this case no additional waiting charges will be required.  The only exception is if the mileage for the local drive then takes you over the included miles ‘base to base’ in this case any additional mileage will need to be added to your quote but this amount [if applicable] should be minimal as the drive is going to be local probably to stop off for additional photographs, or just to allow the Bride & Groom to have 10 minutes of private time together perhaps with a glass of champagne, before returning to their guests.

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