• In short the answer is yes, but we would advise that if the driving time to the ceremony venue is more than 5 to 10 minutes in each direction then additional transport might be considered more practical for your Bridesmaids.  If the time it takes to travel to the ceremony venue is longer than this the Bridesmaids will arrive very early, and in some cases before most of the guests.

    Let us give you an example:  If it takes 15 minutes for the Bridesmaids to travel to the venue, it will also take 15 minutes for the car to return to collect the Bride, it will then take another 15 minutes to travel back to the venue with the Bride, this does not take into account the time it takes to disembark and embark the passengers or the photographs taken on the Bridesmaids arrival. Therefore if it is a 15 minute each way trip the Bridesmaids will be waiting at the church at least 35 minutes before the Bride arrives and will also be there before some of the guests, this is why we advise a second car may be more practical for a journey of over 10 minutes in each direction.  You must also consider possible traffic and road conditions, if these are not good an earlier journey using the Bride’s car may mean it becomes delayed returning to collect the Bride or if the weather is not good, dirty by the time the Bride travels.

    After the ceremony the main car is usually reserved for just the Bride and Groom to use. To use their car for others after the ceremony may delay the Bride and Groom reaching their reception on time or stop them from enjoying a relaxing drive or stopping off for photo opportunities en-route.  Using the main Bridal car for others after the ceremony for the trip to the reception venue prior to the Bride travelling is therefore not recommended, even if distances are short.

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