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Wedding Taxi Hire since 1996

Our original taxi cabs provide a unique style of wedding car hire option for your special day, providing ample space in the main cabin and the perfect backdrop for photos.  Most are capable of seating 5 to 6 passengers with wide opening doors for easy entry and a graceful exit, and of course plenty of legroom inside.  Our Taxi Cab Wedding Cars include the traditional classic style cabs from the 1970’s, modern London Taxis and even the newer All-Electric Taxi, and all are driven by your own personal cabbie.

The Traditional Classic Taxi Cab

Classic Taxi Cabs are proving very popular vehicles to hire for weddings due to their spaciousness evoking the nostalgia of London Transportation throughout the 70’s era, and to date.  Although originally the London Taxis were Black Cabs, our White Taxi Cabs have become very sought after amongst those getting married as they offer the true British Heritage of the famous black cab but with a traditional classic wedding flavour. 

The Modern Taxi Cab

If you are looking for a more modern feel but still traditional and iconic, then a more modern Taxi Cab may be something to consider.  We have options of White or Black Modern Wedding Taxis for hire, each offering seating for 5 or 6 passengers.   If your wedding has an “eco-friendly” theme then we also have an All-Electric Taxi Cab, in White.

Hire a Taxi Cab for your wedding

Planning a wedding car for your big day can be a daunting affair. Premier Carriage has been in business since 1996 and we can offer valuable advice when considering what to hire as your transportation. We offer competitive and transparent pricing for our Taxi Cab Wedding Car hire services.  Our prices include a Chauffeur or Cabbie, Ribbons, and the use of the vehicle ‘without the meter running’ for the entire time required. Simply enter your wedding date and its location below to check our availability and hire cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taxi Cab for Hire

How Many Passenger Seats in a Wedding Taxi ?

Between 5 and 6 passengers.  Five passengers in the main cabin facing each other conference style.  For those taxis that offer seating for up to six passengers the sixth would be in the front next to the chauffeur.  Our website details under each car photo the number of passengers that particular vehicle can seat.

Are all Cabs Chauffeur-Driven ?

All vehicles shown are driven by professional Chauffeurs or Cabbies for your wedding day.  For seating purposes the chauffeur does not count as one of the passenger seats.

Are Ribbons on the Taxi Cabs Included ?

The traditional ‘V’ Ribbon decoration is included in the hire cost.  When completing your booking form you will be able to choose from a vast list of ribbon colours that we have available. 

Find a Taxi Cab wedding hire near me

View our selection of chauffeur-driven Taxi Cabs to hire for your wedding.  Our website photographs are of the actual vehicle to be hired and show its colour and number of passengers each vehicle can seat . You can click on the photos to view a larger selection of photos, including those of the vehicle interiors and their seating arrangements.