Covid Policy

During these ever-changing times with the pandemic disrupting life, we have listed our “Covid-Policy” below which we hope will re-assure both those couples with their wedding transport already booked, and those looking to book. We hope our policy helps in any decision you need to make, with possible options for consideration.

In 2021 we celebrate 25 Years in the Wedding Car Hire industry, we know we can offer you confidence and peace of mind when booking your wedding transport with Premier Carriage, so rest assured any payments you make, or have made, are safe and secure. We are certainly not going anywhere, and are looking forward to the next 25 years. So, now you know we’re here for the long haul let’s answer some frequently asked questions:

Can I postpone my wedding date ?

Yes – If you’ve already booked a vehicle and would like to change the date we will be happy to offer assistance in arranging the new date free of charge, no matter if it is for 2021, 2022 or 2023 and no matter how many times you need to postpone. Any money already paid is secure and will not be lost. If you do not have a new date yet, we will simply place your payment/s on hold until you get back to us with a date.

Will I need to pay to change my Date?

No – There are no administration fees for changing your wedding to a new date due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, no matter how many times you need to change dates. The only time your balance may change is if you require additional services, for example and extension to hire time already booked or a large increase to the total mileage you require the vehicle to do. Some vehicles have seasonal prices so depending on the new date this balance could go up or down. We will let you know well in advance if your changes mean an increase or decrease to the total hire cost.

Can I just cancel the booking and get a refund ?

Yes – If you are cancelling due to Covid-19 lockdown imposed by the government over the period your wedding is booked which means your wedding can no longer take place you will be entitled to a full refund of the money paid less any reasonable costs if already expended on your behalf by the vehicle supplier up to the date of cancellation. The Competition and Markets Authority [CMA] says costs if deducted by the vehicle supplier would need to be due to an outlay already expended and specific to your own wedding booking prior to the supplier being notified of cancellation and where items or outlay are unable to be used for any other wedding in the future, for example, the cost of administration already completed for you before cancellation was notified, provision of a fully detailed itinerary specifically produced for your own particular booking, or perhaps ribbons you requested were printed with names on and already purchased for you and are unable to be used for another booking, or perhaps a route check had to be undertaken to check access for that particular vehicle for your requested itinerary, these are not exhaustive examples but are the sort of reasonable expenses that can be excluded from any refund as they will have already been spent out on your behalf prior to cancellation. However, it would not be considered reasonable to hold back from a refund any other amount except that which has already been expended on your particular booking prior to cancellation. Likewise, if the supplier can manage to rebook the cancelled vehicle on the date you cancelled then a full refund would be due, but again this would still be less any reasonable costs previously expended on your particular cancelled booking and not recoverable elsewhere. There is no cancellation fee if you need to cancel as this would be considered unreasonable. A reduction in guest numbers although not ideal means the wedding could still take place albeit not as originally planned, therefore as the vehicle is not banned from taking passengers to a wedding and the wedding can still proceed cancelling the vehicle could mean a lost deposit, but do speak to your vehicle supplier directly, they are the ones responsible for returning any funds to you where due as it is they you are in contract with and who you authorised your payment to be transferred to, they may well be very flexible in the current situation. Under these specific circumstances where fewer guest numbers are permitted, postponing to a later date could be a better option to consider and of course your full payment would be secure and used for the new date even if the supplier has already spent out funds in relation to your booking.

What should I do to move my date or cancel my wedding ?

We will require something in writing from you for security purposes, this ensures your date is not changed or your booking cancelled without your knowledge. Simply send us your instructions by replying to any of the emails we sent you previously.

Naturally we are always happy to answer any questions you may have or clarify any points you are unsure of.

In the mean-time stay safe and keep well.

Kind Regards,
Didier Di Mario, Managing Director – Premier Carriage