Winner's logo for "Corporate Live Wire" Award.
Published 2023-11-27 by Premier Carriage

We've won an Award: Wedding Chauffeur Company of the Year

Back in June 2019 I received an unexpected call from Rocky at The Corporate Living Award Team who informed me that a number of our previous Bride's & Groom's had nominated Premier Carriage Wedding Cars for an award.

You can imagine my face when I heard this news. I did not even know these corporate awards were taking place. I was ecstatic and bouncing off my chair with the biggest smile you have ever seen.  It certainly made my day !

Rocky at Corporate Living quickly briefed me on the award scheme, which was strictly based on merit, innovation, ethical practice, industry recognition, and most importantly service excellence. It was definitely not one of those award companies that make you pay a fee and/or make you attend a paid event so you can win! This was the 'bees knees' of awards.

Rocky booked me in for an interview and informed me there might be a couple of “pretend couples” contacting me on the pretence of wishing to hire our wedding cars, this was to test my service, knowledge and professionalism.

The interview went well, we went through the services offered, our history, about myself, our innovative aspect and achievements. Following the interview, I could not do anything more. It was all in their hands and the waiting game started. I would check emails everyday and their web page.

Finally, Mid-August arrived and I heard back, and it was very good news.  Premier Carriage had Won 'Wedding Chauffeur Company of the Year 2019'.  I was so pleased my company had achieved this, nevertheless we would not have won this award without the input from all of those happy couples who were married over the last few months, who out of their kindness nominated my company for an award.

To all of our past customers, whether or not you voted for Premier Carriage we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it would never have been possible without you.  Premier Carriage has been operating for 23 years and we look forward to a further 23 years providing the same level of service our past customers experienced to the many future happy couples planning their wedding now.

From myself and my team, thank you all.

Didier Di Mario

Managing Director

Premier Carriage Wedding Cars Ltd