Vintage Cadillac Wedding car decorated with White ribbons
Published 2023-11-27 by Premier Carriage

Wedding Trends: The Rustic Revolution

Planning a sophisticated ‘Rustic Style’ wedding

With spring now in full swing, it’s fair to say the wedding season is officially upon us. Whether you’re finalising the last few details of your big day or just starting to look for ideas, we thought you may appreciate some inspiration. Vintage and rustic weddings are two of the longest standing and hottest styles in the wedding world. From the vehicles and wedding venue to everything in between, we take a look at what you need to consider in order to make your special day one to remember.

Dreamy Decorations

One of the best things about a rustic style wedding is that you can keep the décor as low-key and minimal as you like or if you’re a crafty type then you can embrace your creativity and go all out. Mason jars with wildflowers and mismatched candles always look great, or empty perfume bottles acting as vases, mismatched multi-coloured trinket boxes and tumblers to house tea-light candles, your choices are endless Of course it’s easy to get carried away but try not to go too overboard and remember that the beauty of a rustic country style wedding is that it’s meant to have a slightly undone and mismatched vibe to it. Also, don’t focus solely on the centrepiece, think about hanging decorations such as twinkle lights and glass orbs to create a romantic ambience. Just remember to check with your wedding venue about any restrictions they might have, especially with naked flame candles, or whether there’ll be any additional charge for them to help you decorate on the day.

Vintage & Classic Vehicles

A rustic wedding goes hand in hand with period wedding cars. Vintage wedding cars are undeniably charming and evoke that sense of nostalgia that is similarly apparent in a rustic themed wedding. Whether you opt for the luxury of a vintage Rolls-Royce Convertible or a more retro style 1950s Austin, you’ll certainly be arriving in a noticeably period style.

A Venue with a View

A Rustic or Country Style wedding should be understated in terms of decoration, so you need to find a wedding venue that does all the talking for itself. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that converted barns and rustic retreats set within some of our most breathtaking British countryside are becoming increasingly popular. Choose a rustic wedding venue that boasts both beautiful grounds as well as a magnificent open sided marquee where you can still enjoy the views if courtesy of the British weather the heavens do decide to open. You’ll get the best of both worlds with plenty of natural beautiful countryside to explore for your wedding photographs, but somewhere a little warmer and more comfortable to relax in as well. The best rustic wedding venues will have a similar feel outside as they do indoors so you should be able to enjoy the countryside views in an environment that feels natural and authentic but has all the modern luxuries that you’d expect.

Gorgeous Gowns

Finding the perfect wedding dress is vital to achieving a rustic or vintage styled wedding theme. Rather than big, princess inspired dresses, brides should opt for elegant silhouettes in dainty materials such as lace or silk. To add a modern and up-to-date touch to your wedding gown, consider an exposed back that retains the elegance of silhouette whilst adding a slightly edgy feel to it.

Pastel Palettes

Getting back to nature means getting back to a more natural colour palette. Garish colours and bright neon will not have much of a place in this particular style of wedding. Think dusty pinks, rose quartz, sage greens with the occasional berry hue to make the palette pop. The beauty of the rustic wedding lies within the understated and natural beauty of its surroundings, so your colour palette needs to be simple and effortless in order to achieve that.

When it comes to planning the perfect rustic wedding, your choices are endless. Just make sure you book your suppliers in plenty of time to ensure that your dreams for the big day become a reality ! Post written by Oldwalls Gower, voted Best Wedding Venue in Wales at Welsh National Wedding Awards.