Vintage Rolls-Royce in Silver and Blue in front of Dumfries House.
Published 2024-06-07 by Premier Carriage

Unusual & Unique Wedding Venues in Glasgow

If you want to make your wedding in Glasgow genuinely exciting and memorable, then the venue is essential. We’ve pulled together the most interesting, unconventional and unusual wedding venues in Glasgow.

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Top 7 Unique Glasgow Venues

1. Old Fruitmarket

Found within City Halls, the Old Fruitmarket is, as the name suggests, the converted 1938 fruitmarket. Complete with the original grocer’s signs, cast iron columns and a stunning vaulted ceiling, it’s one of the most unique wedding venues in Glasgow.

a brightly lit hall with wedding tables set up and original grocers signs above the bar area

Image from Glasgow Life

You and your guests won’t forget the event quickly, but a few things to note: 

Choosing this venue would make your wedding experience truly unique. There are other rooms available in the City Halls, but the Fruitmarket is by far the most unusual.

Visit the Glasgow Life website for details.

Wedding car pairing: We’d recommend going for something more traditional to complement the vintage market aesthetic, like this open-top Beauford available in Glasgow.

2. Òran Mór: Converted church 

Òran Mór is a breathtaking converted church that combines the traditional features of the church with a contemporary aesthetic for a truly unique wedding venue in Glasgow.

It was formerly Kelvinside Parish Church and is located in Glasgow’s West End. It’s the blurring of traditional and modern that makes this a unique setting for your wedding. It has retained its original stained glass windows and church arches, and has a beautiful celestial ceiling mural by Alasdair Gray. If you’re looking for an unusual aesthetic, this venue is ideal.

It’s appropriate for both small and large weddings, with the gallery available for smaller events, and the auditorium for bigger parties.

Find out more on the Òran Mór website or watch the video below by My Scotland Wedding.

Wedding car pairing: due to the blending of contemporary and traditional, a wide range of wedding cars would look great! If you’re leaning more towards the traditional, try this classic Rolls-Royce in silver and black. If you want to complement the modern aesthetic, this luxury Mercedes S-Class  would work beautifully.

3. Civic House: Converted Print Works

Civic House in central Glasgow is an old converted print works. Its industrial roots are clear from the brick walls, concrete floors and exposed roof. The open spaces make it a very customisable venue, so you can combine the unusual aesthetic with your own unique touches and designs.

couple cheer with friends and family clapping in the foreground and large concrete features of the venue in the background

Image from Eventful Spaces

There are two spaces within Civic House: the upper floor and lower floor. Both have an industrial feel, but the upper floor has an exposed roof and parquet wooden flooring, while the lower floor features more concrete designs and exposed brick. Both make for an unusual and unique venue that is open for you to customise.

Visit the Civic House website.

Wedding car pairing: Our classic-period Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith will turn heads almost as much as your venue.

4. The Tall Ship

Another truly unique Glasgow wedding venue, an event on The Tall Ship won’t be like any you’ve been to before. 

A restored 19th-century sailing vessel, the Glenlee has been converted with modern amenities and comforts whilst preserving the history of the original ship. Over its 125+ years, it’s been a merchant sailing vessel and part of the Spanish Navy. It provides privacy and a stunning river-side setting whilst still being in the centre of Glasgow.

If you’re looking for something unique, you’ve found it.

A large, red ship on the river with the pink sunset reflected in the water.

Image from The Tall Ship

It can accommodate 150 people for sit-down dining and up to 200 for a drinks reception. There’s an in-house (in-boat?) bar, and drinks and dining packages available - but you can use external catering.

Visit The Tall Ship website

Wedding car pairing: For something as unique as this, you’ll need a really special car. This American Chrysler will match the top-tier choice of your venue and ensure you arrive in luxury - relaxed and ready to celebrate!

5. The Glue Factory

As the name suggests, this was previously the factory of Scottish Adhesives, but it’s been converted into a beautiful, unique wedding venue. It includes lots of whitewashed walls, and you can even find decommissioned glue vats!

The old factory, built in 1891, has a number of different rooms suitable for different-sized parties, making it a very customisable wedding venue. The large white spaces are ideal for a minimalist theme, but are equally great if you’re looking to make the space unique to you.

Visit their website: The Glue Factory

 A long wedding table with greenery and candles in a sparse, white room.

Image from Eventful Spaces

Wedding car pairing: For this industrial, minimalist venue, an Imperial Viscount Landaulette in white would be perfect. It’s not quite as old as The Glue Factory, but it has the sharp, square edges that complement industrialism, while the white exterior makes it elegant and stylish.

6. Ubiquitous Chip

We move from white minimalism to a green and vibrant space with our next unique wedding venue.

The UbiquitousChip is a Glasgow restaurant, licensed for weddings. It has an outdoor and indoor space with a lot of greenery. Even inside, you can enjoy the aesthetic of an outdoor wedding. Monsteras and vines line every corner, and the final result is almost tropical. If you’re looking for an unusual wedding venue in Glasgow, getting married under a jungle canopy could be for you.

looking down on a busy restaurant space filled with plants and lit with fairy lights.

Image from Patchy Growth

It can accommodate up to 110 in the courtyard, or the upstairs Brasserie is available for more intimate weddings. You’ll be pleased to hear that their food is extremely well-reviewed too!

Visit their website to download their wedding brochure.

Wedding car pairing: A quirky VW Campervan in cream is the perfect accompaniment to this vibrant and unusual wedding venue.

7.  House for An Art Lover

It’s the architecture and glorious outdoor surroundings that make the House for An Art Lover an unusual, but beautiful choice of wedding venue. 

a couple hold hands getting married at the front of an art deco room

Image from House for an Art Lover

Found in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, House for an Art Lover is an architectural wonder. Inspired by the designs of artist Charles Rennie MacIntosh, it has a modern, artistic feel in each of its different rooms. Depending on the size of your party, you’ll have different spaces to choose from.

Having a wedding at this unique venue gets you access to the walled garden and Oval Room (an ideal place to escape the bluster and excitement, and have some quiet time on your special day!).

Find out more on their website: House for an Art Lover

Wedding car pairing: for this artsy location, we’d suggest hiring a silver Beauford Convertible. It’s in the original 1930s style, right from the Art Deco period.

Choosing a unique wedding venue in Glasgow

We’ve shown you our favourites, but discovering the venue that’s perfect for you is always going to require visiting the locations, getting a feel for the atmosphere and deciding what the most important factors are for your wedding.

We suggest listing your non-negotiables as a couple, then your nice-to-haves, and seeing which venues best meet your needs and align with your ideal wedding.

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