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Hiring Unique and Unusual Cars for Your Wedding

Hiring Unique and Unusual Cars for Your Wedding

By Premier Carriage, 24th April, 2020

For couples planning a wedding, one of the biggest priorities is to make the day as special and unique as possible. One of the best ways to achieve that aim is to make your wedding car hire choice a little more unusual than the standard fare.

By doing away with traditional Rolls-Royce wedding cars options, brides and grooms can leave a lasting impression on their nuptials and turn plenty of heads on the journey in between the church and the reception venue. Over the years, we’ve expanded our vehicle inventory to almost 1,000 vehicles, which certainly includes several unusual choices as well as genuine collectors’ items.

So let’s take a look at what’s on offer if you’re looking for a something a little bit different when it comes to hiring a vehicle for your wedding day.

Florida Fire Truck

Capable of seating up to eight members of your bridal party, this classic vehicle dates back to 1950s America, where it spent its days patrolling the airfields of Florida. With a striking red colour and a traditional design, this fire truck is bound to provide a real talking point for your wedding guests.

American Classic Fire Truck for Weddng hire

Better still, this truck has a retractable sunroof, allowing you to soak up a few extra rays of sunshine on your way to celebrating your recently-inked marriage. It will certainly give your wedding photos that extra spark!

Wolseley 6/80 Police Car

There’s perhaps no more iconic police vehicle than the Wolseley Scotland Yard Flying Police Car of the 1950s and 1960s. If you wish, you can even have the police sign and bell placed on the front of the car, which is perfect for engaged couples who have professional or familial connections to the police.

Classic Wolseley POlice Car for Wedding Hire

This car is particularly well-suited to brides as the black colour of the vehicle highlights the white of the dress. This wedding vehicle also has a touch of Hollywood history, appearing in international blockbuster My Week with Marilyn. Upon special request, we can even supply a pair of these vehicles complete with chauffeurs dressed in police uniforms from the period!

VW Beetle “Herbie”

Without a shadow of a doubt one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, “Herbie” has been forever memorialised by the six Hollywood films that feature this vehicle as the protagonist. Whether you grew up on the early incarnations of this franchise or your preferred the latest stories, this vehicle offers a unique proposition when it comes to wedding vehicle hire.

Classic VW Beetle

This car is certain to turn heads as you arrive with the world-famous stripes and the number 53 plastered on the bonnet, doors, and rear of the vehicle. This specific Volkswagen wedding car is an excellent example of a period Beetle in its own right and comes complete with beautiful cream leather seats.

Taxi USA Checker Cab

Another unusual wedding vehicle choice which has as much history on the silver screen as it does in real life is the Checker Cab of New York and Chicago. Who could forget those famous scenes with Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver that forever immortalised this car in popular culture?

Classic American Cab for Wedding Hire

This checker cab can seat five passengers, and retains a whole host of original features, evoking an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. This wedding car hire choice is perfect both americanophiles and those looking to switch things up for their wedding transport.

Make a Bold Choice for Your Wedding Vehicles

If you’re a couple who loves the unusual and quirky, these wedding vehicles ranging from Vintage to Modern Luxury will help to showcase who you are as individuals. Not only will they turn heads and provide a talking point for your guests, but they are also beautiful classic vehicles in their own right.

With over 750 wedding cars and vehicles to choose from, you are sure to find something that matches your specific tastes whilst adding a touch of eccentricity to your special day. If you would like expert help while browsing through our vast catalogue, then don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team who will help you find your perfect wedding car!


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