Selection of 3 Vintage cars with Bride wearing a white dress in front of the vehicles
Published 2023-11-27 by Premier Carriage

Find the perfect wedding car for your special day

The wedding car will provide the last journey the Bride to be will take as a single person, and the first journey into her married life. Using over 19 years’ of experience in the Wedding Car Hire business we have put together a few tips and some advice to help you make the right decision, and hopefully help save some money on your wedding car. There is no harm in looking around for the best wedding car deal but do not overwhelm yourself with the many choices available on the internet. Look for a professional smart website. A large difference in price between two companies for the same type of car and the same itinerary should raise suspicion, unless of course they are not based in the same area as all quotes are based on mileage so you must consider the mileage to get to and from your wedding area as well as the mileage you require as a passenger.

Always deal with a professional ‘well established’ wedding car provider – You will benefit from their experience and knowledge of dealing with the planning of your wedding, the timings, the wedding chauffeur’s attire, the bridal gown and size of car being considered, but also the security that the company is unlikely to go out of business by the time your big day arrives. Be wary of some fake or unscrupulous companies on the internet advertising cars they do not have but keep them on their website to make their business look big.   Always read the ‘references’ section of the website as this will give you an insight into the company, you will also be able to tell those that are putting up fake references and those that are genuine if you read through a few as a pattern soon emerges. Choose your wedding transport for what it is, Vintage Wedding Cars or Classic Wedding Cars, their beauty, the wow factor, sentimental value or it’s heritage, do not just match the colour of your car to the wedding theme colours or even matching to the Bridesmaids attire as it will reduce the number of choices available. Vintage, Modern, or Classic Wedding Cars come in many colour options. Alternatively you may require the car’s ribbon to match the theme as they come in many shades of colour too. When selecting your wedding car have a look at the pictures on the website, they should display quite a few large clear pictures showing side, front and rear views of the car and also pictures showing the interior of the car. Cars should be in a good condition and the number plate should not be hidden or blanked out, be wary of websites that hide number plates. Many wedding cars are old, Vintage Wedding Cars start from the 1920’s and keeping them looking as new is a never ending job so be sensible with your expectations. If you are still in doubt simply ask to view the vehicle. A Professional Wedding Car Hire Company will be only too pleased to show you the cars and can organise a private viewing. We would always recommend you view the vehicle if the cars are of a smaller size and the Bride will be wearing a fuller style wedding gown, you need to ensure you are going to be comfortable on the trip. Be mindful when you are searching for your wedding car as many classic and vintage cars come in many shapes and forms. Prime example are Rolls-Royce Wedding Cars which come in many shapes and forms with prices ranging from the least popular Rolls-Royce Silver Spur and Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit starting from around £200 to the more popular Classic Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud with prices at around £350. Both are luxury cars with the name Rolls-Royce, but a vast difference in cost. Make sure the Company you are using to organise your Wedding Transport can provide you with the necessary information in case of a vehicle breakdown, a change in timings, bad weather etc. A good company will have a huge amount of Questions and Answers put together over many years of experience and usually show these on their website, so always read these, be wary of those that do not have a huge amount or even none at all. A good company is one that shares their experiences with the client so they may make an informed decision. Remember that although Wedding Car hiring is not regulated by a Wedding Hire Licence like Private Hire is, the car owner must still have special wedding hire insurance to carry out weddings in their cars. Your wedding day is a very special occasion so make sure you remember it for the right reasons.