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55: Promotional Event - We would like one of your cars, what do we do?

Vehicles will only be available for promotional events if they do not have any previously booked weddings on the date required. Also if the vehicle required has a wedding early the next day the vehicle may still not be available as there may be insuffcient time in the morning to valet and prepare the car prior to it’s wedding.  Weddings are the main priority for the vehicles.  Please note all vehicles will usually have their owner in attendance so while daytime events are not a problem vehicles may not be available for evening promotions. Please note that cars are not usually allowed to transport passengers at promotional events, however this will depend on the vehicle owners insurance company and whether the insurance covers this form of transportation.  Vehicles will only be considered for promotional events if they are ‘paid’ events this means the vehicle owners are paid a fee for providing their vehicle, we do not provide cars for unpaid events ie without charge, even if this is in return for the promise of future work, mutual advertising benefits or any other unpaid reason.  Vehicles can be hired on an hourly basis with the first hour included in the standard base price. The standard base price will depend on the vehicle chosen and the distance from base the vehicle is required to travel to, any additional hours will be at a rate to be advised depending on the car chosen and whether it will be a static display or moving.  We will consider preparation time, distance, time in attendance, fuel costs etc.. and will try to be as competitive as we can.

A copy of your ‘event insurance’ is required before we can provide vehicles, as you will no doubt be aware event insurance cover is a legal requirement.  When you have chosen the vehicle/s you would like please email the following details to us at  [email protected]

The ‘reference number’ of the car/s required  /  The date or dates required  /  The time the car/s required are to be on site  /  The time the car/s may depart from site  /  The type of event it will be /  The full address of the site  /  Will the car be required as a static display, or moving  /  If moving, do you intend to transport passengers.

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