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56: Films & Television - We would like one of your cars, what do we do?

Most of our cars will be available to the Advertising, Film and Television industry but this will of course depend on whether the vehicle required has any previously booked weddings as pre-booked wedding hire is their first priority.  All of the vehicles on our website are independently owned and most of these by classic car enthusiasts who really cherish and care for their cars.  Our website has been designed to locate vehicles in different areas easily so you should find it a simple exercise to locate the vehicle’s you require, naturally cars will travel to other counties so do check all of the counties our vehicles are based in.  When you have chosen the vehicle/s you require please take a note of their ‘reference number’ so we can locate these easily, then either telephone us on 01202 822659  Mon-Fri  9am to 6pm, or email us any time at [email protected]

In order for us to have an idea of what is required we will need to know the following:

The ‘ref number’ of the car/s required  /  The date or dates required  /  The address of the studio or location required  /  The time required to be on site  /  The approximate finishing time  /   Will the car be driven or static  /  Will the car be driven by an actor or the vehicle owner  /  What Film or TV programme is the car required for  /  While on set, will the car be covered under your insurance.

We appreciate that for most owners this will certainly be a different and somewhat exciting time to actually be on or near the set watching the professionals at work, so we will try to work with you to provide the vehicles you require at a sensible price that benefits both the owners and the Film & TV companies.  Many of you have used our services before so are well aware of the standard we provide and indeed the many lovely vehicles we have.  Because you have chosen your vehicles from the Premier Carriage portfolio previously in earlier films and television productions we would like to thank all of you in the Film & Televison industry for making these beautiful vehicles, our little stars.

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