• Most certainly, we want you to be sure the car chosen is right for you. The easiest way to do this is to decide from the photographs on this website which vehicle would be your first choice, then if the vehicle is available for your wedding date you will be given a no obligation quote, if the quote is acceptable an arrangement will be made for you to view the car/s at the vehicle/s own premises and by prior appointment.  Please note, none of the vehicles shown on this website are garaged at our Ringwood registered office address.  Unlike some large wedding car websites we only show those cars that are ‘actually available for wedding hire’ we do not keep cars on our website if they are no longer available for wedding hire simply to boost the numbers, this practice is not acceptable in our eyes and deceives future clients.  Because we will be giving you first priority for viewing and not letting anyone else view them until after your own planned viewing we will be unable to arrange viewings for more than two vehicles at a time. If you have more than two cars you wish to view we would ask you shorten your list to your two favourites, then if after viewing these they are not suitable or to your liking we can release those cars and proceed to making arrangements for your next two choices to be viewed, and so on..  Some premises you attend for viewings will contain 20 or more cars but others may simply be garaged on their own and this will depend on the actual car/s you choose, so although you may only be going to view one or two cars there is also the opportunity to view many others at the same time. As there is no guarantee that you will book the vehicle/s after you have viewed them vehicles will always be available to book on a ‘first come first served basis’ therefore if you have arranged a future viewing date but someone else wants to book the car/s without a viewing and they advise us they wish to book the car/s before your own planned viewing date then they will be able to book the vehicle/s and we will then need to cancel your planned viewing. If on the day of your viewing someone else advises us they wish to book the car/s we will always give you first priority and therefore you viewing can take place but you must advise us after the viewing if you wish to go ahead and book the vehicle/s. If you do not advise us after the viewing the other client will be free to book them so do not delay in advising us should you wish to book the car/s. Although we will have had confirmation from the owner that a viewing appointment is in place, please always remember to phone the vehicle owner before you set out on your trip to view especially if you are travelling from a long distance, this acts as a safeguard to remind the owner and to advise you are on your way.

    We are unable to arrange or confirm viewing appointments for vehicles further ahead than 7 days of the date you wish to view as due to vehicle logistics we are unable to guarantee a vehicles whereabouts until nearer the time, they could also be booked by others in the interim who do not wish to view.  Arranging viewings for Vintage and Classic cars are not a problem, but in the case of some Modern Cars and Stretched Limousines viewing appointments may reduce to within 2 or 3 days of the day you wish to view as these cars tend to be booked out at much shorter notice and as such are harder to pin down set times for appointments further ahead than this.

    During the quiet winter period most owners will take the opportunity to have their Vintage cars and Classic cars overhauled, generally serviced or have other jobs carried out as required ready for the forthcoming wedding season, therefore it may not always be possible to arrange a viewing for some of these types of vehicle as speedily as we would like over winter periods as we are at the mercy of the specialist garages schedules so we ask for your understanding if we are unable to arrange a viewing of the car you require within a short time space over the winter period, but we will of course do our best.

    When viewing vehicles you may wish to consider the following:  Will the bridal gown fit comfortably in the car without being crushed. How easy will it be to get in and out of the car wearing a bridal gown. If it is a winter wedding does the car have a heater, if not are rugs provided, or if it’s a summer wedding and it’s a convertible or open car is there protection if it rains.  If your wedding is in the summer does the car have air-conditioning.  If it is a convertible how quickly can the roof be put up [or down].

    These are just a few questions you may wish to consider and ask at the viewing but we will be happy to answer any of your questions and concerns.

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