Citroen Deluxe Saloon

Vehicle Ref 418

Citroen Saloon

About this vehicle:

Affectionately known as ‘Harriet’, this stunning Citroen deluxe saloon from the roaring twenties has just been completely restored and is now magnificent in traditional White with Black wings with Brass fittings for the door handles and headlamps and elegant wood veneers to the dashboard and door cappings.  

It also has wire spoke wheels and running boards on both sides which not only help with ease of entry and exit but also offers good photo opportunities with the Bride or Bridesmaids sitting on the running board. The car also features wide opening doors for ease of access for even the fullest of wedding gowns.  

This car has a working heater so is comfortable for all year round weddings.

A truly immaculate Vintage motor car that pairs well with car ref 419 if two cars are required.


Exterior / Interior Colours:

White & Black / Ivory Leather

Total Number of Seats:

3 Passengers (+ Chauffeur)

Chauffeur's Attire:

Fully Uniformed

Children & Babies:

Children (3+ years)

Number of Passenger Seats:

1 Front , 2 Rear

Passenger Seat Belts Fitted:

0 Front , 0 Rear

Vehicle's Year:


Vehicle Make:


Vehicle Operating Area

This Citroen Deluxe Saloon is available in and around the following places:

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Verified Reviews from Past Clients

From Josh and Steve

We had an amazing blessing and Steve loved the surprise of Paul arriving with the car, it couldn’t have gone better!  Thank Paul for the photos and making our day so special, we loved every minute of it.

 Best wishes, Josh and Steve