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  • All of the vehicles shown on this website are either individually owned by the directors of Premier Carriage, by individual members of classic car clubs that we also belong to, or other wedding service colleagues. Each owner has different costs to cover, for example if an owner is chauffeuring the car himself then the cost may be lower than if he had to pay another chauffeur to carry out the job, some owners are mechanics and are able to look after their vehicle themselves rather than have to rely on expensive garages or specialists for their car/s. Some owners are not running their car as a profit making business but simply to help cover the cost and upkeep of their pride and joy. Insurance costs may vary depending on which area the car is garaged, so as you can see each owner has differing expenses to cover for their vehicle/s and it is when you add all these costs up that the end price may differ.  Finally, the mileage must be taken into account to reach your wedding area and the return mileage back to their individual bases afterwards.

    Taking all this into consideration each owner sets their own price for the vehicles shown on this website, and as you can see the prices they have quoted although they may differ for the same type of car are still amongst the most competitive in our industry, however Premier Carriage will still try to be as competitive as we can and therefore we will aim to match any quote given by another wedding car company for the same vehicle and we Guarantee to beat any quote given by a wedding car agent and/or broker for the same vehicle so you will always get the best price via Premier Carriage.  We will need to know the name of the company offering a lower quote and the amount of their quote in order to beat their price.  We may also ask to see their written or emailed quote. An agent or broker is someone who acts on behalf of the owner, usually at the quotation and booking stages continuing to act for the owner up until the wedding day but does not actually carry out the wedding duty themselves.

    If the vehicle you have found is not the same car but is a similar model we will aim to match that price if possible after taking into consideration the total mileage to be driven.  The price match must be based on identical vehicles [ie. the same model & colour] with the vehicle being price matched based within the same or reasonably local area to where our vehicle is based.  Vehicles must be actively advertised for wedding hire, naturally we will not price match vehicles belonging to friends and family at ‘mates rates’ !.   We will need to know the name of the company that offered the lower quote and the total amount of that quote in order to consider a price match and the vehicle we are price matching must still be available for hire and not already booked.  Price match/beat will only be considered before your booking has been made, not retrospectively ie after your booking has been made.

    Price Matching or Price Beating where applicable is for the daytime wedding hire only, we do not price match or price beat end of evening hire.  Same vehicle means the car has the same registration number and is therefore the exact same car. Similar model means the car is the same make, model and colour as the car we have quoted but is not the exact same car.  We reserve the right not to match or beat prices in certain cases and especially where it is plain the company concerned are pricing very low as they will be accepting more than one wedding per day in the car.  For your protection Premier Carriage will only book a vehicle out for one wedding per day.

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